Eye for an Eye

You are surrounded by the Elf Queen’s forces, and they are very nervous about the eclectic group that just teleported in their midst… one wrong word could set off a disastrous conflict.

Who will convince the elves to stand down?

Legion (Joe):

Legion, still feeling the undercurrent of high magic from their climb in the tower, senses it exists in this place, too. Old magic… in the earth… and in the air.

His cold, dark eyes adjusting to the light do not go to his minion as he mentally commands it to fade like wind into nothingness, and straightening himself against his tall staff, he says nothing… fully aware of the first impression he gives and what it might mean in this place…

  1. Nidalru volunteers a few details about how the heroes came to be there
  2. All the factions discuss among themselves – eventually needing more info
  3. Seren Vi intercedes and takes heroes into a lower level of the queen’s wood – an upper cavern
  4. Seren continues to interrogate Nidalru about the Stone Thief, and how they ended up there
  5. … everyone surprised that Nioba was alive… and asked if there were others
  6. get TP back to Eldolan
  7. asking malice for info re: eye
    1. pretends at first no idea
    2. then says she’ll do some looking around
    3. she sends erto half-elven drow fixter he says at one point he knew someone who claimed to have it – a big disk (clay tablet but in the middle big gemstone)
    4. he’s sure the person who had it didn’t really know what it was, and he convinced him the gem could be used for some sort of alchemical purpose like turning lead into gold, and the person was very excited, and convinced him to see an alchemist in shadowport
    5. erto gave him a note and said mention my name but really the note said he wanted a finder’s fee
    6. the person (random middle-aged guy) but was cagey how he got it (but won it in a game of dice) in axis
    7. ages past there was an icon called the alchemist – or whether this dude WAS or was PRETENDING to be the alchemist no one konws
  8. Legion asks the helpful apprentice
    1. ornergard olsen (leaders of the Mithril school
    2. Laredes the sage (garados’ old partner) – it would be him
      1. legion tips apprentice generously and tells him not to talk about Legion‘s inquiry
  9. The blacksmith Idris is scouting
    1. Huge orc warrior visits the blacksmith
    2. had a very long talk with blacksmith but couldn’t tell the substance of the conversation
  10. Puki with Elsa Whiterose
    1. especially happy to see Puki and especially moreso without Legion there
    2. no more mausoleum draongs present
    3. Extra staff present to ensure fewer opportunities for bodies to be misused
    4. politics of the city hasn’t gotten better, even worse, but the mission run by whiterose seems to be doing better than ever
    5. She’s not sure why, but she says “I’m getting a lot less homeless people I have to bury” assuming it has something to do with the mission
  11. Idris goes to visit Casila
    1. Else whiterose thanks Idris for Casila‘s help – says she’s doing a  great job – elsa gets even more rest
    2. Casila using little magicks to make things more efficient and faster
    3. some of the sprites of the city are working here too
    4. Casila thanks idris for ‘this’ saying she feels like she’s actually making a mark

arriving in shadowport

  1. nidalru & American go looking for the alchemist
  2. nidalru spends 5 and are told to go here and find the alchemist but don’t call him that; his name’s Timothy and he’s eccentric
  3. puki gets us rooms at “The Golden Crown” – one in every city
  4. heroes go to visit the alchmist
  5. Legion & Nidalru ease into the conversation of where the Eye of the Stone Thief is
  6. We volunteer that it might be used to turn lead into gold – alchemist seems to leer at the idea o
  7. keep suggesting what we’re looking for and naga whispers from pot “they know”
  8. Alchemist throws vials into water


The heroes manage to quell the threat while keeping the Rakshasa alive for questioning

Author: Turnerbuds