F2F – Last Orc Standing

After a very long pandemic lockdown,
our brave heroes assemble once more in a common setting.
POC was in full effect, as usual.
Fab saved the day with the laptop and
used his phone’s hotspot – thanks again, Fab!

  • One of the captured orcs, after a serious interrogation, offered to take the heroes to where
  • due to the high state of alert, just as we left, the heroes are set upon by a band of orcs and thei


  • The orc who brings us scampers off after showing us the door.
  • He says this is Fangrots’s favorite chamber that no one else is allowed inside.
  • Nidalru listens at the door to see if she can hear any confirmation
  • Legion opens the door with a KNOck


  • After a devastating attack by Fangrot on Merian, and a worse one from Nidalru on Fangrot, Legion is able to fell him with whispering dark words
  • The Vizier appears and tries to resurrect Fangrot… and even in the midst of battle, Puki sees that the VIzier is controlling Fangrot a lot like the ground itself… and it makes sense… THAT is why he never leaves!
  • This whole room is somehow shielded from sound against the rest of the
  • the rite of binding
  • 2 weapons of note: spear and the spear matches the vision that Legion had when he looked from the cliff of the mansion – this is sthe spear they first used
  • a Mighty Axe
  • THis weapon used to belong to the axe of doom the orc lord himself, still bears his marc
  • Fangrot couldn’t bring himself to use it
  • Epic tier +3 axe iflicts +5 damage on hit for every die has with orc lord
  • every time critical gives a+1 good beneffit with the ord lord max 3
  • Some people say when drunk say there is no Orc Lord… the axe MAKES the
  • THe spear is the one use
  • +2 spear with 2 properties
  • earth spear – stops it from submerging
  • cruel inflicting 10 ongoing if it hit s a foe with 40 hp or fewer – recharge 11+
  • THe heroes decide to put the axein their new magical chest, along with the spear
  • Now with Fangrot defeated, the heroes set to return to Greyface to enact their plan against Grimtusk
  • Greyface tells us to bring the chest us to Grimtusk… their offer of apology.
  • Idris and Merian, each holding one side of the chest, move forward tentatively… whether because of the high alert, or because of their protection of Grimtusk… they’re trying to see how ‘genuine’ the carriers are.
  • Whether because of the orc blood, or a twinge in their eye, the orcs attack.


  • Greyface knew he couldn’t leave any of Grimtusk‘s forces alive – many of the gladiators were called into service.  They all come out and see Greyface‘s forces, and are like wait – Are we about to fight more?
  • Greyface walks up to the heroes and looks at Puki “You fought well.  I find myself looking forward to our next encounter”\
  • P: as do i
  • I will honour our agreement.  You will take your rest – you will have sanctuary.  There are orcs who served neither Fangrot or Grimtusk – they will serve me and you will be protected.
  • Puki, honouring the bargain – says to Greyface that Fangrot had in fact been taken by the dungeon
  • Greyface: seems appreciative in hearing this, that it was not just an ordinary orc that he turned his back on the Grey
  • Seeing Ursel amidst the survivors from Hildebrande, Idris spoke with her:
  • I: I hope you are ok – will you be able to lead these people back to the surface with the orcs’ guidance?
  • U: Replies yes though clearly weary from her ordeal
  • Other soft words spoken and Idris kisses Ursel softly on the lips – she is clearly taken aback
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