Fangrot Strike Force!

  • hidden in deep keep for how many days?
  • even hard to gauge based on the food we eat – they don’t have much to offer – most of what they eat tends to be the fungus that has been harvested from within the living dungeon
  • at one point, Puki wonders out loud what would be wrong with roasing one of those boars they use to hunt
  • idris reminds him that they are changed – you wouldn’t want to eat that meat
  • difficult time sleeping – might evne be measured in weeks
  • Nidalru does recconnaissance
    • fangrot moves between two places – his quarters (he has some orc guards) but nobody else.
      • lots are very loyal but they don’t know what’s behind the doors o fhis prviate chambers
    • place 2 – his throne room – some giant meeting hall
      • long tables filled with orc sycophants
      • his throne looks like one used by an actual giant – on to pof a huge pile of treasure
      • he has very clever bodyguards – lots of stoneborn orcs (ones that manifested from within th stone thief)
      • Since the destruction of the godtick in the blood sorcerers temple, what sorcerers are left have gone to find solace within the ranks of his sycophants
    • place 3 is the arena
      • he can come sometimes with a large retinue of orcs at his side
    • No informatoin on the face in the wall, but at one point he was walking along alone, and Nidalru was very tempted to pute a blade to his throat, until you caught the sense of a shimmering in the air on a hot day – and then materializing out of nowhere was a giant ogre… is Fangrot really ever lone?
  • legion tries to secure info of the captives held by fangrot
    • doesn’t have a lot of confidence in acting ability
    • there are a lot of favoured slaves – anyone who’s kinda good-looking, unfortunately…
    • there are some gladiators – 4 in particular:
      • Iron Feather – a lot of the orc betting on her (a monk)
      • they think grimtusk is negotiating with greyface
      • they think we’ve been captured and will be bartered to grimtusk and used in the area
      • some thik that didn’t happen, that Greyface is old and feeble, and that we escpaed from Greyface, and that what happened in the blood temple was Greyface‘s fault
      • Most of them want a big battle betwee the “Golden Eyed One” and Iron Feather
    • they’re right on the edge of the protected area
    • Courteous Ash – he is a dwarf adventurer – got – magical axe Fury – only exists when Ash is Angry – kept in chains
    • The Golden Hero – a professions gladiator from Axis – best showman and performer
    • Bizarrely – there’ sa sorcerer – mad kreexos – seems to be insance – no idea how powerful he is – casts spells at random – barely survived via spiders – and then blasted a vrock to death in 1 cast
    • Some have been eaten – some have been turned into slaves – some as punishement were thrown out of the protected area and were crushed by The Stone Thief
    • The orcs think it fun to watch the walls of the stone thief to crush people
    • The tally is dropping

idris makes sure the captives Greyface saved are well taken care of – Merian helps

  • wish could give them more, but they’re getting the same treatment as the heroes

Puki reflects often on the relationship he has with The Stone Thief

  • Puki is interrupted one day – Greyface walks in with 2 orcs
  • sits across from Puki – just starting a mix of hatred and curiosity in his eyes
  • finally he asks, “Why di dyou do it?” A question no doubt he wondered for yours
  • P: I asked myself that question very often – I have no good answer
  • G: nods – that’s the only answer he could have given
  • G: WHen it was discovered what had happened, I faced great shame from my people.  I volunteere dfor this mission to recover that.  That’s why I’m forced to ally with you know.  I lost something when you healed me.  What was it like from your people when they found out what you had done
  • P: Much like you, I faced shame and am no longer welcomed by my people
  • G: Strokes his chin with his hand.  I had wondered.  Sitting down across from Puki.  Do dwarves believe in fate?
  • P: I’m not sure if all dwarves do, but I must
  • G: Nods.  I did not myself but when I saw you in the glaiator pit I had to reconsider.  This must be on purpose.  You, saving me, then me, saving you and then together bringing an end to this (gestures) Sham.  It is a strange connection we have.
  • P: It would seem there is something foretold or fated for that to happen.  How it plays out though is unknownn to me
  • G: What have you done with your life since facing the shame of your people.  I volunteered for this… what did you do?
  • P: I drank a lot.
  • G: He laughs.  That’s consistent with my research on your people.  Stnading, he towers over Puki – I would not be here were it not for your actions.  Both my living presence and my attempt to reclaim armor.  i find myself in debt to you, and so I find myself hating you.  But you have given me a way to serve The Orc Lord that would not be possible.  He looks at his acxe and says I forged this myself.  The one I received from my father was taken from me when it was discovered what you did to me, rather than allow me to die on the battlefield.  I have placed notches for all those I have killed, bu tthis space is reserved for you.  It may still be necessary.  You and your companions must act quickly – if I see you again after our deal is done, I will kill you, I will drink your blood, and I will lay waste to everything you have loved.  After the stone thief resurfaces, we should not see each other again;
  • P: I guarantee you this: You will not be healed again by my hand on the battlefield.
  • G: Thank you.

Time passes, but the day we’ve been waiting for happens… horns go out.  The stone thief is emerging.  The activity within deep keep is huge.  Fangrot‘s people and Grimtusk‘s slathering at the idea of

They have points systems for kills and they’re all excited

As the orcs start to pile out

a small force of Greyfaces’ orcs who will accompany us to Fangrot‘s throne room.  they warn us that they are still on high alert.  There has been no scapegoat – Greyface had suggested days ago volunteering some of the slaves, but we refused – Greyface didn’t understand – it was tactically unsound to protect them.  So things are on much higher alert – the orcs warn the heroes we’re not the popular kids here.

On their way to Fangrot‘s chamber, an orc patrol calls out to you, and Greyface‘s orcs says to Puki that we can continue with 3, but another patrol

Merian uses 5 wiht Prince of Shadow to distract the orcs

legion uses Ghost Sound and Light to mimic spell effects

Puki is deceptively stealthy and the orcs go off in the other direction


Nothing wizardly here – anything orcs could use – they probably took –

eyes drawn to a couple of things:

  1. Beautiful Longsword the poommel of witch looks like gold dragon scales at the end is a dragon claw – +2 sword hands of apaladin 1 extrause of smite evil per relationship die with ggw
  2. Holy symbol of Holy God of the forge +2 holy symbol regarch 16 when hit with an attack can also give it 10 ongoing fire dmg
  3. chest – magical, but not sure how it’s magical, notably the lid of the chest is open
    1. smile – slam the chest shut and it shrinks to the size of a matchbox!
    2. place it down, and open up the tiny chest – fairly large treasure chest – can hold a single human-size pewrson, 2 halflings, etc.

Nidalru and Merian interrogate the two surviving veterans

he says everything

he tells us exactly where Fangrot ran

warned that the Custodian will be listening but would be glad if we’d kill it too

he offers to bring us to the Fangrot


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