Fearghal the Fabulous

11th-level Wizard
(Int 16, Con 16, Cha 14)
AC 5 (Bracers AC 6, Cloak of Protection +1)
HPS: 36, AL NN.


The wizards of Geoff are known as a footloose and casual lot among their fellow practitioners, prone to drinking and laying about rather than studying tomes of power. Fearghal lives up to this reputation, as free with a smile and a wink as he is with his wine.


A wanderer by nature, his journeys took him the length and breadth of Geoff during his career, casting spells for the populace and undoing the occasional ill-effects of faerie magic. Indeed, the faerie races and their habits are something of a specialty of his, and he is on speaking terms with several of their clans. Fearghal was in Kurvyll when the Wars began, and though he helped cover the retreat with his spells, he saw little action. The forest was only a few leagues away, and he wasted little time heading for its safety.


Fearghal the Fabulous is now the most powerful human mage in the forest, but remains trapped there because he doesn’t have Teleport in his books. If he meets new adventurers he will try very, very hard to find out whether they possess this spell. If so, he’ll trade a great deal for it and use it to escape. Indeed, he has tried so hard to get his hands on this spell that most significant NPCs in the forest know what his problem is. Their general reaction is one of quiet amusement, though some have managed to trade magical favors in the present for a promise to notify him if they ever come across the spell or someone who has it.


Traits: Despite the image he presents, Fearghal really wants to be known as a great wizard. He just doesn’t want to miss out on enjoying life in order to get there. He is no longer the same man he was, however, and recent events have left the mage uncharacteristically anxious, moody, and depressed. A sense of impending doom seems to hover about him, and his faerie friends delight in teasing him on occasion by creating a small rain cloud just over his head. The wizard is an almost a pathetic/comic figure, but if shown that there is hope he will stop trying so hard to leave and begin to work with his fellow exiles.


Magic: In addition to the items mentioned above, he also owns a Ring of Shocking Grasp, an Arrow of Direction, an Everfull Wineskin, and some scrolls and potions as determined by the DM.  Aftermath: When finally offered a Teleport spell by Rokayas, the ill-starred wizard found that he couldn’t learn it! Fearghal established his long-coveted reputation as a great wizard during the escape; but one should always beware what one wishes for. He was slain in the final battle at the Javan River, on the borders of Gran March. Alas, his body was taken away by the Necromancer Nyeru Darkspring, and was not recovered…

Author: Turnerbuds