Finally… the Eye

From Max:

    • cloud giants – have the eye. Can show us to the meteoric iron. Other factions (most likely draconic groups)
    • a possible safe place for the eye. on the koru behemoths, shell = safe from being absorbed. give to pukis gf
    • probably need to keep it off the ground to avoid it being detected by the stone thief
    • the eye can be tracked

  • The heroes call a ceasefire when the Than is knocked to one knee
  • Nidalru suggests a negotiation rather than continued hostilities
  • The magician speaks to the Thane and they decide to speak alone with Merian and Nidalru
  • Solidifying some of the clouds for Nidalru and Merian
  • Nidalru offers the essence of Rasputin to the giants as leverage to deal with The Prince of Shadows
  • The Thane and his mage advisor seem unconvinced…
  • Merian offers to sweeten the deal:

The cloud giants have built their kingdoms somehow. The means are ancient magical artifacts (banners where you ca lodge the stems holding them up into the ground and it will levitate a few meters off the ground creating a fog/clouds around it. A cloud giant ritual along with this artifact can lift large chunks of earth into the overworld for the cloud giants.

Merian knows of the existence of said rare artifacts from her time studying at imperial universities and time as a librarian. An emperor of a past age wished to create his own palace in the sky as a show of superiority, might and for his own comfort. He had hired some of the best mercenaries of the age to steal one of these from the cloud giants. Once it had returned to him he tried to use it, but to no avail as knowledge of cloud giant magic is limited. After this the item became discarded of sorts as it had no use for the emperor even though it still contained all of its magical nature. This item has since been lost to time, but scholars believe it still lurks out there.

  • Mage asks for Merian‘s hand, and she casts an unbreakable bond on her – slamming her back against a wall
  • The Thane agrees to Merian‘s suggestion – even calling it ‘generous’ and offers to bring The Undaunted wherever they want in the citadel
  • Legion gives the Iron Flask with the essence of Rasputin (the Shadow Dragon) in it, and explains to the mage how to use it
  • Thane expresses reluctance to bring heroes to the site where they might harvest meteoric iron – the beings there are alien and powerful – some stars are actually powerful entities
  • a forgotten god of magic stepped up to stop
  • meteoric struck the god and killed him
  • the great bronze colossus was set up in his likeness – on an island that floats about
  • the ore that struck the god and killed him – likely still within the body of the dead god himself
  • Puki ⊕ uses a ___ ___ with The High Druid ⊕ to weave his stone magic to shield and wrap the eye of the stone thief in magical stone
  • Legion ⊕ uses a Negative 6 with The Lich King ⊕ to sever the connection The Lich King has with his minion for as long as possible
  • Legion ⊕ uses a 2x Conflicted 5 with The Archmage ⊕ to create a makeshift Nondetection spell on the Eye of the Stone Thief
  1. The heroes arrive on the floating island to see the massive bronze statue decimated and lying in pieces
  2. Legion & Nidalru being to inspect the scene, but as Nidalru creeps closer to the mouth of a giant cave, a massive Empyrean dragon emerges with lethal intent


  • Creeping into the cavern, the heroes see a blue glowing doorway at the other end
  • also yellow magical crystals along the walls casting an eerie glow on the floor, but Idris can’t discern their effect
  • Legion sends minion to inspect door – can’t force it’s way through, but Legion triggers a trap set an age ago
  • Two Djinn guardians spring into existence – ready to defend the portal


  • Idris notices arcane marking around door but unsure their meaning
  • Legion determines sufficient arcane power might activate the door and casts level 5 spell to open it
  • The heroes are magically transported somewhere bizarre – the wind whipping around them and to their amazement/horror, they are balancing precariously on the body of a dead god – floating in the freezing air
  • Two Couatyl guardians emerge to protect their long-dead master


Nidalru ⊕ uses a _____ _____ with _____ ⊕snaps her finger and reverses one of the couatyl’s powerful lightning blasts back at itself, killing it

  • THe heroes creep closer to the gaping maw of the long-dead god, a glowing light emanating from it’s eyes as well
  • On closer inspection, what was thought to be wild hair frozen as stone is now obviously the ossified or petrified snakes growing from it’s skull…
  • … this was a massive Medusa god of ages past!


Author: Turnerbuds