Finding Family

The book was

1st chaper
there were 9 geomancers
the head of the group was a terrible priestess wizard named Tizann
The geomancer empire, Kadal
what they did was they had different streams going into differnt streams of power
Priestly Stream worshipped cold Grumbar (earth)
some were in arcane magic so they could use
The REALLY gifted ones were put into both
Each of the 9 were powerful priest/wizards

They’re all priests of Grumbar and powerful archmages
each empire they conquered, they took from those empires

Suhail isn’t sure
the first empire Kadar took over was an empire of diablists
They learned how to forge pacts with creatures from the pit (devils)
whether or not they had the blessing from the greatest arch devil could not be sure
In addition to their elemental earth servants, they also had 9 hells demons

Later on, they took on other cultures strengths as well.

Another of the empires they took over was the Empire of Nog
The geomancers became much more powerful after they took over Nog, but not even sure what Nog was
One of the cultures used something called the Dreamscape
The geomancers learned how to use the Dreamscape, utilizing the “Hall of Nightmares”
The Dreamscape is like another universe, but for someone with a strong will, they can scry someone while they’re dreaming, and use their will to change the dream.
They conquered some cultures without even moving, driving them insane while they sleep
Several magic items can stop access through teh Hall of Nightmares
One of them is proximity to Salt Water, this is only speculated, but thinks it has something to do with theo opposition of water to earth, unsure.

Also why he chose to place the tomb on an island surrounded by salt water.

There’s only 1 left alive

Little doubt that the Geomancers helf the entire nagaro valley in their control
Geo Glyphs are not found island on islands of afyal or sahu
The geomancers ruling eliter met in teh 9
each had a rank
Suhail min zan confounded their divintation and smashed the power of the council
Tizan withdrew to a secret stronghold, said never to return
She was so powerful, some said even as powerful as the other 8 combined.
They found her recluse
Inspired by teh God Zam, sealning the entrance
Suhail Min Zan said he would be able to
return to coach the next lions of tomorrow to defeat her finally, once and for all


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