Fringe Benefit

Once upon a time long ago, on a tiny planet called Neuphoria, the lands of the world were for most part living in peace and harmony (think of it as star trek in ideology in a d&d setting). Of that world, the largest city of them all was Infinite. A booming metropolis that thrived in trade populated by humanoids of all variety.

Neuphoria was not always peaceful, for the dark forces of the world were once more prominent, reeking havoc across the globe and ruling almost half of the planet. The forces of evil were led by Duke Ssszzeffffrinnnn, an undead being. Despite having differences among themselves (go figure, they’re evil), the duke would call upon them to do his bidding.

As time went on, the forces of good banded together with the help of the gods, and defeated the evil kingdoms, rendering them to scattered small pockets across the globe, leaving the duke not much to rule over. Although, what ever evil remained, still answered to his call. His whereabouts after this became unknown.

The evils that remained in the world were being kept in check by a task force called the Knights of Ni (that’s u guys). The evils that remained were left alone, but if and when they acted out, they would be dealt with by the Knights of Ni.

The Knights were sanctioned by the governments of the world to oversee the security of the planet. Its members consisted of men and women of great ability and special talents, who gave their oath to serve and protect, and were led by “General” Six. She was not of the military but was referred to as the general as a nickname because she was the one who sent out the orders.

The task force had a department of R&D (transmutation magic), although not a good one. However, they did create a dropship for them…

Everything in Neuphoria seemed to be good. What could go wrong?

Author: Jonas