Frost Burn

  • Randomly started with a combat

Bardic Thunder again


  • Frost Burn
    The adventurers head east towards Scarsdale Fort, trying to outrun the Red Flag Army.
  • The Northern Snows
    As the adventurers head away from the orcs army they see banners far behind them. Either they are travelling ahead of the army’s chosen route or General Gul has turned his army around to chase them!
  • Brath (Joe): picks up the pace and tries to get the party to do the same.  A small party of orcs in advance of us – a clear advance scout party heading back towards us – perhaps only 30m before they meet
    • Magnus (Roberto): Magnus organizes an ambush for the orc scout party and leave them to the side o the road so the general sees them and keeps pursuing us – a taunt of leaving their dead along the road
  • Magnus (Roberto): There are a lot of farmsteads along the main road – families unaware of the advancing orc army
    • Gallydyn (Max): Suggests the party splits up to warn as many people as possible about the advancing army – to help them hide in their shelters and secure their homes
  • Gallydyn (Max): A part of the forest now twists and turns – no clear way forward… the path is lost
    • Ereveron (Dave L.): When the party arrives at the break in the path, Ereveron checks the very ground and looks into the woods, finding the best way for the party to follow a more direct route to Scarsdale
  • Ereveron (Dave L.): The path now leads to a cave, and unfamiliar noises in the cave taunt the heroes.
    • Rainier (Fab): Leveraging Brath to scout and learn what’s up ahead… the party is relieved to learn it’s simply infested with bats… torches are sufficient to scare away the denizens of the cave.
  • Rainier (Fab): Emerging from the cave, the path becomes boggy… difficult to traverse quickly – every step is annoying… at a time when speed is of the essence!
    • Astrid (Eric): Astrid uses repeated volleys of her fire magic to harden the bog so it’s hard and able to walk their way through the rest of the muddy patch without any difficulty.
  • Astrid (Eric): At some point, Brath sniffs the air and realizes what he’s smelling is mountain lion urine – unwittingly having wandered into their marked territory
    • Brath (Joe): cautions everyone to stop, changes into scout form and goes off in search of the normal wildlife to learn who they’re able to avoid the hunting patrols, and they are happy to show Brath where they can go to avoid their scent meeting the nostrils of the hunting beasts

The Frost-Wurm turns

The adventurers rest, exhausted after a hard days march. A light snowfall is beginning. As they begin to set up camp the snow gets heavier and heavier. Over the crest of the ridge comes some remorhaz! The glacial beasts are drawing all the heat out of the air to charge their internal furnaces. Fortunately, these beasts are juveniles and have not yet fully developed the distinctive burning gem-like protuberances that these monsters are famous for. The party has a choice:

  1. If they defeat the remorhaz they will prevent the sudden winter from getting worse, but at a cost of alerting any orc outriders nearby to their exact location. Slightly clearer weather will mean that they can travel overland more rapidly, but the orc army will have an easier time of travelling overland too
  2. If they flee from the remorhaz into the snow they leave behind some very dangerous beasts who will slow the Red Flag Army down, and the weather will cause the army to exhaust more of its precious food supplies as they hunker down in place – orc are reputed to hate the cold despite living in the north. However, taking this option will mean braving the weather.

Option 2 it is!

Terrain Effects and Environments

As the adventurers travel through the icy blast of snow have each player make an appropriate BACKGROUND check against the DC given. If an adventurer FAILS by 5 or more, suggest TWO things from the list and let them pick ONE. If they fail by 10 or more, instead suggest TWO things from the list and let them pick ONE, and give them another thing from the list also. Recoveries lost are gone until the party can find a place of warmth and safety where they can rest and take a full heal-up, with some form of food and drinkable water.

High Meadow Night

DC 25 – 20 with lit fire and prior preparations – The pine trees and flowers look pleasant while the sun shines, but come nightfall the temperature drops low enough to kill the unprepared.

Additional Effects:

  1. The cold gets to you. Lose a recovery.
  2. You mis-pitch the tents, cause the shelter to blow over, or make some other life-attenuating mistake. Each of your allies who succeeded on their check must re-roll.
  3. Wild animals sneak into camp and steal your food; each adventurer must roll a save. Those who fail must choose one: lose a recovery OR lose a useful piece of equipment (the animals dragged away a pack that contained something that wasn’t food).
  4. You encounter hungry dire bears and must battle them.
  5. Move to another environmental condition, everybody re-rolls with -4 to their rolls.

While this is ongoing, hungry dire bears appear on a small ridge and charge the heroes.


DICE USE: Brath uses a 5 with The High Druid...

… dazed from the hit, Breath sees standing on a ridge, watching us… through the weather and snow, he can see a druid protecting this area… she elects to call off her protectors… realizing that perhaps the party are not a threat to the natural order of things.  A strange sound is audible above the howling winds, and at it… the dire bears break off combat.  Looking back to the ridge to thank the figure… she is nowhere to be seen.

DICE USE: Ereveron uses a 5 with The High Druid...

… to emulate the environmental resistance of the druids of the party… his time in the forest gives him an affinity for a time.

Icy Cliff

DC 30 – 25 with proper equipment – The wind tries to pluck you away from the rock face. Beneath you void yawns invitingly.

Additional Effects:

  1. You are freezing! Lose a recovery.
  2. You cause a rockslide. Each of your allies who succeeded on their check must re-roll
  3. Frigid winds; each adventurer must roll a save. Those who fail must choose one: lose a recovery OR lose a useful piece of equipment
  4. The ice bridge over a crevasse breaks. Choose another adventurer to lose TWO recoveries, or lose ONE recovery yourself
  5. Avalanche! Each adventurer loses a recovery and a piece of useful equipment. Choose a different environmental condition; each adventurer rerolls their check with a -4 penalty
DICE USE: Brath spends a 6 with The Elf Queen...

… to use the secret magic of the elves to achieve impossible dexterity and light-footedness of the faerie folk.  He walks on top of the snow and ice as if he’s weightless, oblivious to the dangers his party faces.

DICE USE: Gallydyn uses a 5 with The Great Gold Wyrm...

… as the wind blows hard against the party, a vision from The Wyrm shows him other adventurers who have traversed this path before, and where they have sought safe-footing and sure handholds to avoid falling victim to the ice and snow.

Endless Desolation
DC 20 – Whiteness. Snow-blindness. Eternal night.

Additional Effects:

  1. Lose a piece of your equipment
  2. AAAAH! Your mind was not meant to handle this solitude – the player and GM discuss what happens. (GMs, have fun!)
  3. The party is lost – each adventurer who succeeded on their skill check must reroll it
  4. Overexertion – thanks to your carelessness supplies have dwindled; lose two recoveries. Another adventurer can choose to share some of their scant remaining personal rations. If so, you each must roll a save; on a failure, the adventurer loses one recovery
  5. Snow-blind accident – choose one other adventurer; they have an accident and lose a recovery
  • Everyone chooses 5, LOL!

Shelter from the Storm

The adventurers need to get someplace warm and sheltered from the howling wind and fast! If they don’t seek shelter soon they will likely die of exposure; an ignoble death for brave adventurers. In the distance is a ruined farmhouse… with a fire going! The adventurers can smell cooking food. Getting closer they see that it is a hobgoblin war band sheltering here. The hobgoblins are unlikely to share what little they have; that would mean death for all. The adventurers must fight to the death over a warm fire and a bowl of fish-head soup! Being an adventurer means sometimes you are riding high in glory and sometimes you are caked in mud and snow and killing hobgoblins for their clothes and blankets.

Hobgoblin Warrior, Hobgoblin Warmage, Hobgoblin Captain


100gp from the hobgoblins

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