General Gul

Some time has passed and your deeds at Starport have not gone unnoticed, for bards have been singing throughout the Dragon Empire about what you have done. The Orc Lord’s agents have gotten word of your deeds at Starport and have sent a message to you all.

The message is the Orc Lord has a job for you… To cause problems for the renegade General Gul and his Red Flag Army.

The Orc Lord has been uniting the belligerent orc tribes under his banner – through a combination of reawakened race memory – charisma – and conquest. He has been drilling the orcs – training them – turning them into a unified force. General Gul – leader of the Red Flag Army – has gotten tired of waiting and has marched his portions of the orc horde south.

Magic from Wrath Session 1.

Two adventure tier potions from orcs and two runes +1.

Also two other adventure tier potions from Terek the sorcerer.

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