“What do you mean, needlessly provocative?!” Michael-DE piped up.

“The armor, my love. Despite giving you protection at the start of your engagement with those you must deal with to allow you a window to calculate your next moves, it has a quirk to it. At times, you may be overwhelmed by the armor and say or do something needlessly provocative”, her elven mother replied.

“I am not being ungrateful, and it’s quite elegant and surprisingly form-fitting and flattering but, do I really need to have something like this?” Michael-DE respectfully replied as best she could.

“Now now, my love. As much as your father and I respect your life choices, and this being the second time you have been left for dead and being the sole survivor of such attacks, we think it would be best to wear it. Not to mention it looks good on you. Perhaps it will help you get the attention of a good lad… or lady”, her mother said encouragingly.

“Dragon cunt fuck lick! My nipples are sensitive!” blurted Michael-DE, and quickly clasped her hands to her mouth in surprise and embarrassment. Michael-DE started to explain, “I! I!”

“It’s alright my dear. It’s the armor” her mother replied with a smile. “Your father loved how it looked on me, and thankfully, he also thought it was humorous when this happened. I could always tell because his halo would take on a brighter hue. In time, you will grow accustomed to the armor, and it will happen less and less.”

“I miss him, mom.”

“Me too my love.”

Author: Turnerbuds