Heroes of Ironfort!

This chest is heavier than it should be…

Rainier couldn’t help but feel like it wasn’t his tired arms… maybe it was his conscience.  He wasn’t hugely surprised when Fastion killed the prisoners, he must come from a place of brutality, he thought.  Still, the trinkets inside were meant for someone… and the idea that they were taken from the two people outside the cave was… peculiar.  Rainier couldn’t shake the memory of what the bowman said to him before he died, “She told us to meet the others on the slopes of Balor”, and “Tell her we passed them on.”

Holding the chalice in his free hand, he looked over at young Minoru, whose concentration was focused on the circlet.

She sees what none other can.  Perhaps she will see the good in all this…

Minoru (Eric):

Minoru supposed she should feel bad about Fastion summarily executing the mercenaries who had surrendered…but she found she couldn’t.

These men and women had prisoners they didn’t need to kill, kept captive in a cave…and killed them anyway. And not for an ideal, like justice, but for…money.

She wasn’t sure she could do what Fastion did…but she was pretty sure she wasn’t going to object when he did. Minoru knew better than *anyone *that karma was a real thing…and the mercenaries had discovered that truth at the edge of Fastion‘s blade.

  • The party brushes off the carnage of the battle against the star mask-infested orc patrol
  • The fortified town of Ironfort is under siege, or more accurately it is being attacked by an encircling force. From the adventurer’s perspective higher on the volcano’s slopes they can see that the defenders are winning.
  • However, the adventurers can also see that reinforcements are headed through a valley lower down Balor and will soon reach the town. If the reinforcements reach Ironfort before its dwarven defenders can secure its walls the fortified town will be overrun. However, if the reinforcements can be held at bay for long enough the dwarves can throw back the attackers and turn the tide of battle.
  • The dwarves in Ironfort are bottled in by the attackers, and are unaware of the trouble headed their way. However, the adventurers could run down Balor’s slopes and meet the marching reinforcements at the head of a valley—holding the attackers at bay long enough for the dwarves to deal with those already attacking the town.
    To run down Balor’s slopes fast enough to get to the pass and stop the enemy getting through means running at break-neck speeds.
  • Springing into action, the heroes begin their flight down the dangerous slopes of Balor
  • Minoru ⊕ uses a Conflicted 5 with The Archmage ⊕ to float down the slopes unaided – like the shadow her friends saw her converse with further up the volcano, she’s able to cushion her steps and has no trouble racing downwards.
  • Gallydyn, showing off his dexterity follows suit w/o issue
  • Rainier races down and uses his shield to surf uncertain spots
  • Fastion gives the egg to Ereveron, much surer-of-foot, and was wise to do so as he stumbles enough to have jeopardized the egg
  • Ereveron races down, ignoring the difficult terrain, and anxious to thin the orc herd before him


  • Buying tthe dwarves of Ironfort enough time to throw back the attackers and secure the walls of the town.
  • The adventurers’ actions in delaying the star-mask reinforcements has been seen by the defenders, and the dwarves open the gates to let the adventurers inside the town of Ironfort.
  • However, the star-mask orcs have found a way into the fortified settlement via an old tunnel long forgotten and paved over, and are pouring out into the town.
  • Captain Dran Shale is present nearby, screaming orders at the guards still trying to fight the waves of attackers coming in both from the underground passage and over the walls nearby, but it is clear they are losing one or the other
  • Seeing the heroes’ timely arrival, Captain Shale directs his forces to push the orcs back down the tunnel and calls on the adventurers to thwart those that are piling over the walls
  • In a disadvantageous position, the heroes fight for their lives…


The adventurers can stem the tide of enemies flooding the town by fighting at the entrance to the old tunnel. If the adventurers win they will be heroes to the dwarves.

Travelling to Frostfire Montage:

  • Ereveron:
    • Uses a die to pass on the Montage 🙁
  • Minoru:
    • As the adventurers make their way to Frostfire, they come upon a trio of dwarves and give chase
    • two dwarves get away, but they are able to catch up with one of them –
    • During the pursuit, Minoru notices that he is doing very un-dwarven-like things in his efforts to escape (ie. parkour)
    • Some of these things defy reason
    • When they catch him, he immediately looks ‘off’ – he doesn’t appear to be hurt, but he’s got clear cuts and bruises that would cause great pain
    • Minoru invades his mind – she immediately realizes that this dwarf has been in close proximity to, and possibly even possessed by a star-mask
    • star-masks don’t feel the pain but this victim dies from internal injuries
  • Rainier:
    • hearing the stories of the dwarves escorting the heroes to Frostfire about the lawlessness now in the mountain city and surrounding areas
    • Rainier ⊕ uses a Conflicted 5 with The Emperor ⊕ to give the escorts and guards some tips & tactics on how to make presence felt in the city despite their low #s
    • Talks to them about how to triage issues and how many to send to each incident, even suggests bold tactics that they’d be otherwise cautioned against with so few numbers to call for backup
  • Fastion:
    • the orc lord has some trolls in the area – possessed by parasites as well
    • but the power of the phoenix weapons – proved to be overwhelming to their regeneration
    • the heroes are able to dispatch them quickly and with relative ease due to the phoenix fire when the trolls missed their attacks

The heroes arrive in Frostfire to much fanfare

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