Heroes vs. Siege Towers!

The heroes try to stop the advancing siege engines:

Siege Tower, Orc Tuskers, Siege Archer Orcs, Pit-Spawn Orcs


Finding Hope

Though its soldiers are bloodied and battered, Briarfort is not yet beaten. The efforts of the adventurers have been critical in the ongoing defense. Brutal fighting with no end in sight has taken its toll on the defenders, and worse still Warden Sevenmoon was killed as he helped fend off the siege towers outside the wall. With their commander dead, morale and hope for eventual victory have plummeted.

As Warden Sevenmoon is laid to rest in the roots of the great tree during a lull in the fighting, the adventurers are approached by the new elven commander who introduces herself as Acting-Warden Alocenia. She pulls them into a side tunnel and discusses the situation in blunt terms. The elven troops spirit is close to breaking, they feel as if defeat and death are inevitable. The adventurers are regarded by the defenders as heroes and Alocenia asks them to find a way to boost morale, to find a light in the darkness. If Briarfort can holding out for long enough, the Elf Queens army will be able to break the siege.

Go around the table and ask each player to narrate something their character does to help improve the morale of the troops of Briarfort, and make a skill roll against an appropriate background (DC 20). The player that rolls highest on this skill challenge acquires Warden Sevenmoons shield (with natural 20s beating a high roll). If two players tie then the character with the best relationship with the Elf Queen or the most suitable One Unique Thing gets the shield. Of course if the character given the item cant use a shield then them giving it to an adventurer who can is only good sense.

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