Hildebrande & The Queen’s Wood

Seren Vi

  • big reception from townspeople as heroes return
  • heroes go to condon’s tavern to talk to dwarves
  • Condon gives them a round and says things are going pretty well here
  • Seren Vi shows up, saying she’s on an errand by the Queen to offer them any service
  • Nidalru says we need help with
    1. shielding us from magic scrying
    2. finding someone to forge a weapon for us
    3. blessing of the dwarf king
  • Seren Vi says she’ll take that back to the Queen
    1. she’ll take that back to the queen
    2. elves can make great swords but dwarves MAY be able to do an ‘ok’ job for other weapons
    3. not sure… maybe old alliances can be entertained
  • Says there is a High Elf Wizard that specialized in non-detection named Cornellion – gives us directions
    • inquires about our method of travel but Nidalru is evasive about the ship
  • Idris checks in with Judith
    • glad to see Idris – worried that she’d never see him again, but now feels he’s unkillable
    • says she’s earning more now since she doesn’t have to pay a cut to The Syndicate anymore
  • Heroes travel to the queen’s wood in the morning
    • travelling over Omen – reminded that it’s an island dripping with living dungeons
  • bring ship near the fortress and depart towards the tower
  • The path opens into a larger, less wooded area.
  • As we watch, that this was an ancient battlefield becomes evident – rising from the ground and phasing in from the mists are wraiths
  • calling out, “they are the last – slay them and we are victorious”


80gp in valuables pried out of their bodies

  • The heroes continue through the forest, following as best as we can the map given them by Seren Vi
  • Very soon, the heroes realize the tower is a massive ossified tree, with its massive roots form around a cave opening at its base  As they enter, the light quickly fades but for a faint phosphorescence in the distance
  • Mushrooms & fungal growths, foul water dripping from the roots – on the far side a ramp going up to the spire
  • the heroes are assaulted by a mental attack of some sort – searching through our memories…


Legion ⊕ uses a Negative 6 with The Lich King ⊕ to strip the shadow shroud from the dragon protecting it from attacks that were not odd/even as the Esc.die




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