The following are maps only of large areas (villages or bigger). Dungeons, towers, or Maptools-oriented maps can be found in our "DM Tools" section.

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Need a Char Pic?

Here are some galleries of random pics from the internet for you to consider as you're making PCs and thinking of NPCs. Feel free to use them; I did not keep record of where they came from, but all credit goes to the original artists.

Al-Qadim (style)MaleFemale
ChangelingsMale      Female
Devas MaleFemale
Dragonborn MaleFemale
Drow MaleFemale
Dwaves MaleFemale
Elves MaleFemale
Genasi MaleFemale
Gith MaleFemale
Gnomes MaleFemale
Humans (or can't tell)      MaleFemale
Orcs MaleFemale
Shadar-Kai MaleFemale
Shardmind MaleFemale
Tieflings MaleFemale
Vryloka MaleFemale
... with wings! MaleFemale

... and more!

The "Potential Character Pics" gallery are my ideas of what various PCs and NPCs may look like; waiting on confirmation from the owners: Confirm here!

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