rule description date dm
Dispel Magic Vs. Spell-like, non-magical attacks, Dispel Magic gives the recipient another save vs. the spell-like attack. 2015-10-26 Eric
Teleport You cannot change your "Prone" status using a teleport. Example: if you are prone, you cannot use Teleport to move to another location and be standing at your destination. 2015-09-29 Eric
Minimum Attendance to Play > 50% attendance to play
  • 6 characters means 4 people have to attend
  • 5 characters means 3 people have to attend
  • 2015-09-16 Joe
    Mis-Clicking in Maptools When asked for a roll (save, check, skill, etc.) only the proper button clicked will count. Better (or worse!) rolls are ignored until the proper button is clicked 2016-08-02 Joe
    Melee Attacking Across a Corner
    • Decided that melee combatants attacking across a 'hard corner' do NOT suffer a -2 penalty for attacking through cover
    2015-09-16 unknown
    • To spend HD = 5 min
    • To Recharge Powers = 30 min
      • ... or the time spent travelling or light activity
    • ... more?
    2016-02-01 unknown
    • If the creature being grappled changes it's size during the grapple:
      • They have advantage on their next roll to escape the grapple, or
      • They are immediately granted another roll to escape the grapple, or
      • They are immediately freed from the grapple, or
      • ... other?
    2016-01-01 unknown
    Rolling for HP
    • Level 1: Max dX
    • Level 2, 3, 4 & 5: Choose: Average HP or dX, whichever is higher
    • Level 6+: Roll dX or take the average HP
    2015-01-01 Jonas