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After a long hiatus, The Scourge returns with the aid of some 21st-century technology. Links and tools can be found below both for players and our new and old fans; welcome, or welcome back!

Tools Currently in Use:

Fun Stuff

  1. Crossword #1
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  3. Crossword #3

Graeme's Recommended Podcast Listing

Role-playing related (meta)

  • Dungeon Master's Block (focus on the role of the DM)
  • Fear the Boot ("An irreverent look into role-playing games")
  • Narrative Control (look at gaming)
  • The (official) Dungeons and Dragons podcast (pretty boring... usually just quick updates)
  • RPG Academy (a mix of general advice and discussion, and Actual Play sessions)
  • Ludology (analysis of game theory, parts of games)

Role-playing-related (actual play sessions)

  • The Adventure Zone (relative newbs to RPGs play D&D with their dad. Funny. Very imaginative DMing. Starts with the Mines of Phandelver campaign but quickly goes off track)
  • Critical Hit: A Dungeons and Dragons Campaign
  • Drunks and Dragons (drunk D&D... I found it loses its charm quickly)
  • Hello from the Magic Tavern (absurd and hilarious. I mentioned it in a previous e-mail)
  • Nerd Poker (professional comedians play D&D)
  • One Shot (A rotating group play a one shot campaign, usually lasting only a few sessions, of various indie RPGs. Neat to hear about new games and interesting takes on mechanics.
  • Party of Four (Hilarious, absurd, and Canadian. Mostly improvised role-playing with no real system attached. Neat mechanics and crazy imagination)
Other Podcasts
  • 99% Invisible ("Explore the hidden side of everything.")
  • Freakonomics Radio
  • Invisibilia
  • Love+Radio
  • Radiolab
  • Selected Shorts (big name actors reading short stories)
  • Serial (a serialized podcast exploring a murder investigation. Extremely gripping. Made international headlines and widely considered the most popular podcast ever.)
  • Snap Judgment
  • Stuff to Blow Your Mind (science-related podcast)
  • The Moth (real people telling real life stories)
  • The School Sucks Show: Education Evolution (very leftist and critical about schooling, but good for perspective. Heavily liberatian view of the world.)
  • This American Life.