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Session Date 2016-01-27
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Episode #8: The Quest Begins

The Burning World Campaign

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Sitting around the hearth, the smell of sweet spices and frying onion swirling in a dizzying, invisible cloud in the dimly-lit room, Guzman looks in Sulayman's direction and snarls. No doubt this one will continue to get in the way. Once a con artist, always a con artist.

30,000gp is the goal... how in the world could this massive fortune be amassed?!

The family heads towards the wharves... thinking that this massive task begins with manual labour.

Babbazedday fighting with (beating the pulp out of)

Khaled danad al-assad

Khalid Dhanab al-Asad Khalid is a dock worker and has been since he was young, which really wasn't that long ago. Khalid is weird in that he always shows up to work in formal, clean clothes and fastidiously washes them at the end of his long work day. He says he feels more professional and ready for success! that way. Khalid can work long days without tiring, but he tends to be a bit clumsy. Wise merchants have him handle non-breakables as much as possible. Surprisingly, Khalid speaks several languages fluently, including Terran and Auran. This is because he tends to save up as much money as possible to take classes at the university whenever he can. He believes an education will take him new places.

He is a bit of a dreamer, such that Khalid can be found staring off into space for long moments of time. Khalid is really friendly with everyone he meets. He just assumes people are on a path to self-improvement like he is. He deeply respects all life, and feels people given a chance at real enlightenment will no longer do harm. Khalid keeps a glass eye with him at all times; he was convinced by his now-dead grandmother that it came from a ghul and protects the wearer from the Evil Eye. While seemingly good in all ways, Khalid has a serious alcohol problem; he is a classic jovial drunk, but it has cost him work every now and then and has prevented his full-time registration at any of Huzuz' universities.

Babazedeh Babazedeh is a dock worker/porter in the harbor district of Huzuz. Baba always had grander plans, but Fate seems consistently turned against him. He will often bemoan how unlucky he is, and maybe he has a point, considering the ugly birthmark high on his left cheek. Baba is nimble and quick, which are great qualities for a porter, but he is a dreadful conversationalist, with every discussion turning into a pity fest regarding himself. If one can get him to talk about something else for once, he makes a good passer on of messages, since Baba has actually been able to pick up some thieves cant. He is usually secretive about this fact, but will sometimes hint at it (or even say a phrase or two) to impress someone. Otherwise, he tends to fidget as he mutters about some latest misfortune (real or imagined) that has befallen him. Baba is hot-tempered, and refers to himself in the 3rd person. Baba is not all bad; he gives to charity regularly, though if he does this out of a good heart or to try to bribe

Fate is another matter.

Fight with Centipedes

Discover bathhouse entrance

brackish water boiler room

walking through archway and see corridor with wet footprints, hear singing (like Auntie)

Picture of mermaid

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Equal Pay for Equal Work

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