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Session Date 2016-04-22
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Episode #22: On to Krak-Al-Shidda

The Burning World Campaign

NPCs mentioned in this Episode:

the people of the town express their gratitudes in the only way they can; with information on Krak-Al-Shidda

Sierra leads the heroes to the shrine
Describes giving birth to a stillborn child

The giant wasp scratches the following into the ground:
Greetings, generous pilgrims, in the name of the Loregiver and Zann the Most Wise! May peace be with you, and may Fate smile upon your journey!

Mason Wasp

Generous pilgrims, would you be willing to render assistance?

Generous Pilgrims, I am Nalv, Protector of the Shrine. It has fallen victim to a series terrible earthquakes, and I have been unable to determine the source, nor make repairs.

Normally, other pilgrims effect maintenance, but pilgrimage season is so far away, and I fear there will be naught but rubble when new pilgrims arrive

Thank you, most Generous of Pilgrims! If you would follow me...?

Oh, Generous Pilgrim, they happen without warning! And more and more frequently!

Usually, during pilgrimage season, faithful will use supplies here to keep the mosque in a state worthy of Zann

Translated into Medani on the inner walls of the Mosque to Xann:
"We cannot destroy what we do not understand."
"Fate is a woman, carrying us towards our Kismet"
"only a fool thinks he can escape her embrace."
"We must learn from the mistakes of our forbears."
"The written word is a gift to the Lions of Tomorrow"

Nalv continues:
The last earthquake was only yesterday, Generous Pilgrim!

At least, Generous Pilgrim! (in answer to are they happening daily)
Earthquake happens, Faruq and Nalv take dmg

Honourable Nalv, I must apologize for my foolish attempt to shield you from harm.
Generous Pilgrims, there will likely be another one soon! Such has been the pattern thus far!

Please, follow me!

This used to be an entrance into the tomb of the mosque's founder, Suhail min Zann. However, sadly, an earthquake has covered it up

Why do you think the Tomb will help, Nalv?

Nalv: Another, safer way to enter the shrine, perhaps?

"That is no earthquake rock that is blocking the entrance...it's far too smooth and form fitting. It's the work of dao."

Please be careful, Generous Pilgrims! I cannot enter with you.

Dao? Was it alone, Generous Pilgrim?

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