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Session Date 2012-11-14
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Episode #17: Follow the Pink Rapier

The Winter Guard Campaign

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Before returning to the inn for the night, "hub?var=odus">Odus makes his way to stand on one of the town
walls. From there, he looks out into the night to reflect on the events
which have passed, and have yet to come, and the deaths of his two friends.
Images of his friends' bloodied, lifeless bodies are still very vivid, and
fresh in his mind. Odus closes his eyes, and enters deep prayer.

"Rao, I see the path which you
have laid before me, and I accept. I understand that there will be more
suffering, more pain, and more dark times to come, and that it is in
those times where it's most important to shine brightly, to be strong,
and stay the path. I trust in thee. Lord, may you bring us the
strength, the will, and the hope to do your work. I thank you for
watching over myself, and my friends, and although "hub?var=keegan">Sir Keegen and "hub?var=bahamut">Bahamut were the ones whose power
returned my friends from the dead, I know it was you who worked through
me to make it so. I am your servant. I shall fear no evil, whether
living or supernatural, because you walk with me. May you watch over
Delphina and the old man, and
the others who have been enslaved 'til we get there to do your work.
This I ask of you, lord. Thanks be to Rao."

Odus opens his eyes and says to himself, "Tomorrow's a new day but,
first a drink. My ass needs one."

Odus makes his way back to the inn to have a drink with the people of
Winterhaven, and rocks the house with songs of victory for today, and hope
for tomorrow.

  1. Lord Padraig brings by the
    horses for the Winter Guard & pays the heroes their bounty for
    resolving the Kobold threat

  2. The heroes set off to travel to Thunderspire in search of "hub?var=delphina">Delphina and "hub?var=eilian">Eilian

  3. The center of trade is called the "7-Pillared Hall" and it seems
    that it is run by a group called "The
    Mages of Saruun

  4. Encounter Amelia (pink hair,
    pink eyepatch, leather armour & rapier) who directs us to the
    abandoned keep and tells us of orc bandits

  5. The half-elf found in the cells in the keep's foyer seemed to die
    of the beating he received.

  6. Orc Drudge 4 single-handedly almost beat The Winter Guard

  7. Road of Lanterns

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