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Lieutenant Analastra Velfarren

Analastra was saved by the heroes as they explored the Feygrove within Gardmore Abbey. Poisoned and helpless, they came to her rescue. Upon hearing of their goal, Analastra returned with them to Berrian's encampment in the Feygrove and introduced them as potential allies.

She has since joined the party and assaulted the lookout tower with them, only to discover it was wrapped in essence of The Far Realm. After defeating horrors and travelling through madness, they encountered and defeated a Beholder; guardian of the tower's secrets. Upon his defeat, Analastra realized that the horrible magic that wrapped the tower in it's clutches had in fact preserved time, and with it, her long-lost father. With the power of the Winter Guard's Raise Dead spell, Analastra's father was returned to her.

This was the first significant step towards the pending alliance between Eladrin of the Fey and the Winter Guard in defense of Gardmore Abbey and The Feygrove within.

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  • First Met

    Saved by The Winter Guard from evil spiders in the Feygrove.

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