Caelynn Silverleaf... (Admin Update Caelynn)

Who am I?

They call me Caelynn, and I remember that name. And that life, albeit vaguely as in a dream. I remember these companions, fighting alongside them in the Underdark. I remember the proud, arrogant fool I was. And the dear mistakes I made.

Or do I? Was all that real? Was it even me?

No, 'twas not alas. That was one they call Caelynn.

The sharpest, most livid of my memories are of being born in a darkly, magic necromantic laboratory. Terrible things I did do, laughing all the while. Power was everything. They called me a different name, a terrible, foul utterance. I reject it, absolutely.

But I did learn from them. And the bladesong never faded. It is all I have now, all I know is real. Music to my ears, and death to my enemies.


Lost in the Shadowfell... Trapped by the demilich Acererak

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