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10th/10th half-elf Ranger/Cleric of Ehlonna
Wis 15, Dex 16, Con 15
AC 3 (ring mail +2)

The product of a rare union between a female wood elf and a ranger of Geoff, Diolmhain was raised by his mother's people. His size and stature belied a quick and deep mind, however, and he was drawn to learn and understand as much as possible about the wood and its creatures.

Trained by the priestesses of Ehlonna, the young half-elf soon became a prize pupil, and finally won acceptance from the Tirrien Clan. He has travelled almost all areas of the Hornwood during his 50 years as a ranger there, and is a fearsome foe to those who would despoil his home. Though he prefers working alone, this is not a great handicap. The creatures of the wood speak with him and aid him at need, and more than one humanoid warband has been utterly destroyed by multiple entangle spells, followed shortly thereafter by an insect swarm. Survivors of such expeditions seldom visit the forest twice.

Traits: Unlike most half-elves, Diolmhain is very secure in his place. He considers himself far more elven than human, and the elves of the wood appear to agree. His proudest moment was being asked to join the elves at the Dagor Aglareb, where he served as one of their elite snipers. Two fiends fell to his arrows that day, and many more humanoids felt the sting of his weapons and spells. To fight beside his kin as an honoured warrior was all he could ever ask for.

In the wake of Geoff's fall the ranger-priest now works as something of an intermediary between the refugee humans and the elves. He isn't really comfortable in this role, but everyone seems to expect it. In actuality, he feels somewhat hurt by this, as he really considers himself an elf and thought the elves did, too.

Diolmhain doesn't want to lead. He's uncomfortable with his father's people, and far too busy trying to train and feed the refugees so they'll survive the coming winter. Though he gets along very well with elves, humans tend to interpret his patience and silence as stoic aloofness.

In addition to his armor, Diolmhain Tallbow carries a +3 Longbow of distance, a +3 Quarterstaff, Cloak and Boots of Elvenkind, a Ring of Sustenance, and several potions prepared for him by the elves.

Still in the forest, where he helps protect the few remaining humans and occasionally goes on deep scouting missions into Geoff proper.

Features & Habits

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Short & Long Term Goals

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