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The Gleaming Points


2nd Thief - 7th Fighter
Str 17 [18/00], Cha 16
AC 4 (scale mail +2)

Armod was born in the back streets to an unwed and unsupported mother. Raised in the cheap taverns of Gorna with the occasional guidance of his mother's current paramour, Armod showed his wilful streak early. Lacking the parental attention he craved, found identity and gain self-esteem among the violent life of the thieves, urchins, and street rats of Gorna instead.

This was nearly his downfall. In the summer of his 17th year, Armod was arrested and incarcerated for his suspected murder of another Gorna youth during a gang turf scuffle. The authorities were unable to prove it, but slapped him with a hefty fine. Lacking funds, Armod was ordered to serve a period of indentured servitude.

Ironically, he was indentured to the Royal Forge's swordsmith, which served the Gorna militia as well as a great portion of the Geoff military. Armod applied himself completely to his charge, learning much of the craft of swordsmithing and eventually attaining journeyman status. Two years later he joined the Army of Geoff. To him, Gregor's 1st Pikemen was much like the gang in which he grew up: there were leaders and underlings, a struggle for territory, and a feeling of pride. Most of all, there was discipline to go with that sense of adventure. Armod had the best of both worlds. Within three years he achieved the rank of Lieutenant, second in command to Captain Ambrose Gregor. As Gregor's accolades piled up so too did Edric's, and eventually he became a Captain himself.

The tale of Commander Gregor's valiant aid during the fall of Fort Resolve is well known, but Armod's role was no less instrumental. He was called upon to take charge of the Pikemen, serving as a rear guard for Tynnhyr's main column and a shield against humanoid raiders. His exemplary service in this role earned him the Harrowfyst family's Gauntlets of Ogre Power, as well as command of the reorganized pikemen when Gregor was given leadership of The halberdiers. Out of honour for his mentor, Armod chose to maintain the attachment of Gregor's name to the unit.

Armod looks older than his real age. His balanced outlook is a product of his experiences. It has served him well, allowing him to remain calm in the face of adversity, stalwart in the pursuit of his goals, joyful when the situation warrants and stoic when it does not. Candid and open, he is well-liked -- one always knows where they stand with Edric. He is a man who learned much from the significant mistakes of his youth, and the lessons of his life have prepared him well for the challenges ahead.

Armod possesses little magic aside from his unit's armor of rank, the Harrowfyst family's Gauntlets of Ogre Power, and a Pike +1.

A survivor of the "March of the Thousand," Edric Armod is now a Commander in Duke Owen's Free Geoffite Army.

Short & Long Term Goals

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