Fatale (NPC)... (Admin Update Fatale)

The Witch

First Met

In the labrynth outside the Seven Pillared Hall


Initially a mystery, the heroes have learned that Fatale is in fact the witch that placed the curse on Kane. Her goal was to curse Solomon instead, and it was just chance (or fate) that changed the course of Kane's life.

Since setting out in search of either "the witch" or Solomon, the heroes found both! A very cunning Solomon tricked the heroes into confronting the witch for him, and they learned quickly that she is a formidable foe indeed!

Fatale's deal with the heroes expired two days without being able to return Solomon to her, so she remains a very unnerving question mark as to when she will resurface, and what she will demand of the heroes at that time.


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Features & Habits

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Friends & Allies

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Short & Long Term Goals

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