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An elven war wizard of significant prowess, Gelleflair is 161 years old with typical high elven blonde hair and green eyes flecked with amber. Gelleflair's family received their land grantfrom Nyrond's first king for their support in the Nyrondese secession from the Great Kingdom of Aerdy, but the elf now sees how Archbold ruins the land and is actively forging alliances among those who wish to change the king's mind; forcing the king out is a last resort and he encourages moderation with those he courts. He is opposed to alliance with the Theocracy of the Pale, as well as the Lesser Nyrond doctrine. Gelleflair has strong links with the good people of the Adri forest, and has strengthening Nyrond's links with those people as a primary objective. He has an extensive library concerning the history of the Great Kingdom. Gelleflair also has strong links with the Urnst States, the Knights of Luna, and, it is rumoured, the Archmage Drawmij.

Short & Long Term Goals

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