The Grey Seer (NPC)... (Admin Update Greyseer)

Advisor to the Throne of Nyrond


The Grey Seer is of unknown age, though is at least 80 years old. He is hunched and stooped with lined and wrinkled skin. His thick grey hair is unnervingly crew-cut, and he is fast and nimble. His familiar, Buberin the owl, rarely leaves his shoulder, sometimes even sleeping there. The Grey seer has been an advisor to Nyrond's kings for over 60 years. Since Ghiselinn's self-imposed retirement, the Grey Seer is Archbold's key advisor. While he has never been known to lie to the king, he often responds in confusing riddles or is generally evasive…but never lies and is never wrong. People who underestimate him always pay for it.

The Grey Seer appears to be a classic doddering old fool or wily old soothsayer who riddles for the sake of it. Actually, he's sharp as a razor, always ready with a retort to any implied criticism or wisecrack, and as to what he truly thinks of the future of the land... he alone knows. Many of the king's court fear or dislike him, and he has no friends. Few feel terribly at ease in his presence.

The enigmatic individual known as the Grey Seer is said by some to be a member of the 'Sagacious Society' of Nyrond, but this is doubtful.

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