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Desperate for answers and information about how to find the Lords of Doom and stop their fel plans, the heroes found Gwendolyn's lair and penetrated within, to find themselves confronted by a variety of illusions, riddles, and traps. Elric foolishly grabbed at a magical tome and found himself "victim" of an epiphany sent by Sarakin, God of Magic and Mysteries. Other tragedies also manifested: J'afrock unknowingly donned a Helm of Opposite Alignment, and Tempus' ill-advised continued use of Garyne's Bloodsickle of Skahlehn was bringing about odd changes within the priest.

Despite these setbacks, the Scourge defeated all challenges sent to them by the Gwendolyn and her gnome ally Raynald Shortfellow. Gwendolyn appeared before them, and they were shocked to discover that she was a gynosphinx of great antiquity. Not only offering the heroes the location of the Cursed Caverns of Sorrow, Gwendolyn also let the heroes know that some of their clones were active in the world.

Features & Habits

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Short & Long Term Goals

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