Hugo Paisley, Sir (NPC)... (Admin Update Hugo)


17th level human Fighter:

Str 16, Int 13, Wis 16, Con. 15, Dex 12, Cha 18.

AC -5 (Plate Mail of Etherealness +3 and Shield +4)

HPS: 97 AL LN. Born 528 CY.

It is somewhat rare for a Geoffite to command the Knights of the Watch, but Sir Hugo distinguished himself early in his career as an unflinchingly brave and skilled warrior with real leadership ability. When not commanding cavalry squadrons against the Paynims and Kettites, Hugo could be found near the Barrier Peaks or Crystalmists, helping his countrymen to crush humanoid and giant incursions from that quarter. Rigid and unbelievably disciplined as befits a devout follower of Pholtus, he soon became the choice of both the strong Pholtus faction within the order and of the Geoffite contingent as well. In 573 CY, therefore, he was elected to the leadership by the Council of Watchers.

Traits: Hugo's bravery and discipline have already been detailed. If he is somewhat rigid and stuffy at times, he is nonetheless a paragon of knighthood. In truth, Hugo desires only glory in battle and service to the lands his order has sworn to protect, and has little time for cowards or mages. All who know him know that his word is absolutely his bond, and that he places the welfare of his order far ahead of his own in all decisions. Though a stern taskmaster and disciplinarian, his fairness is as legendary as his bravery. Soaring through the skies on his griffon as he visits one stronghold after another, he is an inspirational figure to all the peoples of the northwest marches.

Magic: Hugo has accumulated a number of magic items in his long and distinguished career. In addition to his armor and shield, he also carries 2 Javelins of Lightning, a Ring of Feather Falling, and a Periapt of Proof vs. Poison +2, in addition to several miscellaneous potions. His sword "Flamequencher" is a +3 Frost Brand Bastard Sword, and he is specialized in its use. Paynim mages and fellow knights alike often watched in awe as Sir Hugo rode through fireballs and walls of fire unscathed, cutting down mounted opponents left and right before reaching the unfortunate spell-caster and slaying him.

As head of the Order of the Knights of the Watch, Hugo possesses several items which accompany that office:

"ZYGMUNT'S HELM" is a beautifully-made mithral helm which resembles an owl's head, with "wings" that drop down to protect the ears and sides. Inset into its forehead area is a Gem of Retaliation. The helm is named after Sir Zygmunt Powieczko, the Order's founding Commandant.

"THE EYE OF PHOLTUS" is a LN-aligned + 5 Horseman's Mace. It confers Ultravision 120', Detect Lie 2x/day, and Detects Enemies within 300 feet.

"THE HORN OF THE WATCHERS" acts as a Horn of Valor when winded.

Aftermath: Unfortunately, the same traits which work in his favour as a Knight commander of the Watch have also worked to create a white-hot personality conflict between Sir Hugo and Grand Duke Owen of Geoff. Hugo considers the Grand Duke to be untrustworthy and incompetent, a sorcerer who only plays at being a warrior (unlike his late brother Conaire) and who failed his people when they needed him. Owen takes considerable exception to this attitude, seeing Hugo in turn as a power-hungry individual lacking in subtlety or strategic sense, and one whose conduct toward his rightful king borders on treason.

This conflict has boiled over into open threats of violence on at least one occasion, when Hugo challenged the Grand Duke to a knightly duel during a Council of War. Owen looked him straight in the eye and said that he had no time for such 'monuments to pomposity,' that if Hugo wished to fight he could name the time, and that Owen would be happy to send Hugo's smoking corpse and surviving gear back to the Order when it was done. Fortunately, Commandant Petros of the Gran March intervened and directly forbade any violence between them -- or he would banish them both from the Gran March. The conflict has thus been held in abeyance, but the antipathy which spawned it remains and the battle is now shifting into the political sphere.. His plan to..

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