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Grand Templar


Temzien is a small, dapper man of 5'6" with blonde hair and green eyes with a steely gaze. He also possesses a furious temper. He will listen to others' ideas for a while, growing more and more red-faced, then explode in a tirade of fury, berating the stupidity or "moral turpitude" (his favorite phrase) of his listener. As ambassador of the Theocracy of the Pale and one of the chief White Cloaks, his instructions involve promoting the faith of Pholtus and the Valorous League of Blindness. A bloodless and passionless ascetic, Temzien's advice to Archbold on his problems at home is to abolish all free days and festivals, reinstitute serfdom, and scourge wrongdoers first and confiscate their goods afterwards.

Features & Habits

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Short & Long Term Goals

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