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Rauxes Court Wizard


Powerful warlock and advisor to Ivid V, Karoolck 'rules' Rauxes with a carefully cultivated and tenuous grip; careful to avoid the appearance of taking rule away from the Overking.

Karoolck was pivotal in removing the former court wizard Xaene from Ivid's graces, and has since tightened his grip both on the city and on the mind of Ivid himself. It is whispered that Ivid is the puppet of Karoolck, and it is the powerful magic, fel alliances and the merciless disposal of 'justice' that keeps this whispering to a minimum; Ivid's paranoia would certainly fixate and use it as fuel, to Karoolck's own demise.

What also remains unclear is the nature of Karoolck's hold over his lieutenant and most powerful of the Combat Mages of Rauxes; Khaal Wraath.


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