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Keeper of the Dim Forest



13th level human Druid of Ehlonna:
Str 10, Int 14, Wis 18, Dex 15, Con 13, Cha 15.
AC 2 (Hide Armor +3)
HPS: 47 AL NN. Born 539 CY.

Duke Owen's older sister has become something of an enigma to her countrymen, acting only indirectly or through intermediaries to influence events. Though she has risen to become an arch-druidess of Obad-Hai, many now doubt that she still exists.

Maeve does exist, of course, and she has not wholly forgotten her people. The sudden storms which slowed the advance of humanoid reserves from the Crystalmists and gave the desperate Geoffites time to assemble and escape were her doing, and the humanoids who burst from the forest in front of Hochoch did so because of the merciless harrying they were getting from the druids of the Dim Forest. Had they continued onward as planned, Hochoch may well have been surrounded and lost - and with it, the gateway to escape in the Gran March.

Traits: Maeve is a quiet, thoughtful lady who does not regret her decision to abdicate the throne. In the unlikely event that PCs meet her at all they are likely to describe her as abstracted, her mind on different issues. That assessment would be correct. Her vow to act as keeper of the land's spirit was not made lightly, and there is much for her to do in her role as Keeper of the Dim Forest as well. She sees only the people she wants to see, and then only on her own terms. Given her powers and allies (which include a Green Dragon or two), she is well able to ensure this. When she speaks one has the feeling that she's choosing her words very carefully and deliberately. Wise people will listen with equal care.

Magic: The arch-druidess has little use for magic items as such given her powers and allies, though she does own a few. Her enchanted hide armor provides protection, and Bracers of Brachiation allow her to move through the trees as easily as she does on the ground. Maeve's store of potions and salves is outstanding, and she can be assumed to have a number of them with her at any given time. If attacked she will usually disappear, only to return later with spells and allies ready. Preferably when least expected or convenient. Though these resources and her ability to comfortably shapechange into tiger form usually suffice, she does own a Staff of Swarming Insects and a +2 Hornblade dagger for use if necessary. Aftermath: The arch-druidess is aware that there are lost elven ruins within the Dim Forest, but not where. She will attempt to ward organized human intruders away from the deep forest, however, as a matter of basic policy. Even an elven expedition to retrieve ancient artifacts might meet her opposition if she found out, unless she could be convinced of the need with respect to balance or shown approval from someone she considered a higher authority.

What does concern her are the increasingly unnatural emanations she is sensing from Geoff. Extensive use of necromantic magic by the Lords of Doom is becoming noticeable to her, and she is beginning to take more of an interest in their activities. She has heard about the Wandering Company from Gaelbhann's reports, and hopes that they can be turned into a counter-balancing force for goodness. Time, and the endless cycle of the seasons, will tell.


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