Maldrick Scarmaker (NPC)... (Admin Update Maldrick)


First encountered by the heroes in the Well of Demons, this gnoll warlock showed the heroes just what evil was. Working towards an unknown goal, he and his minions crushed the heroes under their thumb, meeting their every advance and making a special impact on both Kane with his command of evil radiant energy, and Isak, surprised at the ferocity of the gnoll's defenses.

Almost certainly responsible for Eilian's maiming, Maldrick escaped and left the heroes for dead, and they fell into the clutches of Solomon Van Buren; their main nemesis at that point.

Surfacing again atop the Dragon's Roost of Gardmore Abbey, Maldrick escaped again this time as the heroes succeeded against his hellish gnoll troops.

This is certainly not the last the heroes have seen of this fiend.

Short & Long Term Goals

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