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A well put together athletic individual. Standing 6'1, weighing 190 lbs. Fair complexion, with short blond hair, and facial scars. His clothes are usually simple and appropriate to the occasion when he's not wearing armor. His affect is one of a typical soldier; stoic, confident but, humble as well.


Based at Gardmore Abbey


He's a hard worker; not afraid to get his hands dirty. He's a simple man. He can appreciate the finer things in life but, that isn't what drives his motor as a mercenary. For most part, he does the mercenary thing because he's good at it... And it pays the bills. Plus chicks dig the armor.


He's a mercenary...

Features & Habits

Promiscuous with the ladies... And is a male dancer. He likes dancing...


Gardmore Abbey

Friends & Allies

The Winterguard and the Heroes of Gardmore Abbey


All enemies of the Winter Guard

Short & Long Term Goals

Stay alive, and not catch STI

Michael's Gallery