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Myariken is 44, tough and muscular, with iron grey and a thick black beard greying in places. Standing 6'6", his height only adds to the to the intimidating stare of his deep brown eyes. Myariken has a broad swathe of scar tissue along the right side of his jaw where most of his teeth and beard are missing from an epic battle with a two-headed troll in the Rakers many years ago.

Myariken commands the northern front and makes no bones about his contempt for his king. If he had his way, he would root out the Valorous League of Blindness, close the borders with the Pale, and keep the food of the north for its own people. Myariken truly loathes the Pale, and considers their worship of Pholtus heresy, since he believes Pholtus to be gone with the rest of the gods. Some say that he has instructed some of his most trusted henchmen to raid the Pale from Phostwood and bring the supplies back to Nyrond. It is also true that Myariken is one outburst away from losing his command, and that he makes no secret of his desire to see Llynwerd king.

Myariken's daughter, Olivia has joined The Ironguard.

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