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Nicodemus Slavebinder was formerly a sub-commander in the infamous Companion Guard of the imperial city of Rauxes. For many years he served the insane Ivid the V while all the while feeling out of place and sorts, like he knew he was destined for greater things. Only one other being in Rauxes realized Nicodemus' full potential: the accursed lich Xaene.

While on patrol to ferret out "insurrectors", Nicodemus got separated from the rest of his group, following a lead down the sewers. Passing through Xaene's gauntlet of traps and monsters, the warrior soon found himself standing face to faces with the two-headed lich. Being no fool, Nicodemus quickly realized who was standing before him and carefully considered his position: to do battle with the lich meant certain death, but to go back and then have it found out by Karoolck that he knew the location of the Imperial Court Mage's former master... Nicodemus listed to what Xaene had to say.

Xaene revealed that many of the gods had returned to Oerth in new forms following the Infinity Clash, and one such one was Skahlehn, believed to be the new incarnation of Nerull. The lich went on to say that this "new" god of death needed followers to establish its unholy church upon the world, and that Nicodemus was meant to be part of it. Despite his fear of the lich, Slavebinder scoffed, for though he understood magic very well, he was no mage. Xaene conjured up images of the past, of Vecna and his fellow Ur-Flannae and the power they wielded. He also showed the warrior how several of his direct ancestors were amongst that dreaded cabal of wizards and necromancers. Nicodemus was astonished, but was even more so when Xaene conjured up the spirits of those ancestors right before him! From that moment on, Nicodemus became known as Nicodemus Nightbinder and was being tutored by his ancestral spirits in the dark art of Necromancy.

With teachers such as he had, Nicodemus rose incredibly fast in power, abandoning his position in the Companion Guard with the help of Xaene, who cloaked his disappearance. Soon, the specters that had given him his tutelage directed him to the Duchy of Geoff, and then to the fabled Cursed Caverns of Sorrow. Penetrating within, he defeated a host of creatures and wards until he came upon the form of Baalshezidek, trapped in temporal stasis. Following the directions of his spiritual ancestors, he defeated the spell holding the lich captive and retreated to a dark cave with its unconscious form. Soon, Baalshezidek regained strength, empowered by the attentions of Skahlehn. Grateful for the actions of Nightbinder and aware of Skahlehn's role for the necromancer, Baalshezidek took him on his journey to establish the stronghold known as the Citadel of Bones. Nicodemus has served faithfully ever since.

Today, only the vampire Abi-Dalzam and Baalshezidek himself are more powerful than Nicodemus Nightbinder. Known as the "Witch-Lord" for the manner in which he has learned his art, Nicodemus is the general of the undead armies at the disposal of the Necromancers of Skahlehn. He is fervently caught up with the so-called "Necromancer War" against the followers of Thasmudyan, even going so far as to engage the death knight Tryiok in single combat. It is a testimony to Nightbinder's power that he emerged from that conflict alive. He works in concert with Xenoria Insaith in plotting the death knight's destruction.Nightbinder is responsible for recruiting Sonolthest, Mistress Yola, and the witch Greyanna into the Necromancers of Skahlehn, but he is not a personable fellow. While having been granted incredible power by Skahlehn, his body and soul have paid the price; Nicodemus always wears a blood-red iron mask to hide the deformities that have been visited upon his visage. In combat, he is close to unstoppable, wielding magic and steel in a truly terrifying combination, though he seeks even more powerful magic. His ancestral spirits have hinted that what he seeks can be found within the Adri Forest, though he has yet to ascertain the truth of these rumors.

Nicodemus fears no one, save Baalshezidek. However, the lich Xaene gives him pause; he never again spoke to him and to this day wonders why the two-headed lich helped him at all. He anxiously awaits for the opportunity to discharge this debt. In the meantime, he holds his former allies in the Companion Guard in contempt, and would thwart their plans if the opportunity arose.

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