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This alluring alu-fiend claims she is a half-sister to the legendary Acererak. While this can in no way is verified, her mastery of the dark arts of necromancy certainly lends credence to her claim. In addition, she is one of the first members recruited by Baalshezidek into his Necromancers of Skahlehn, so perhaps the tale is true.

Pantryche has grown quite accustomed to the privileges and power brought to her by her affiliation. She now has access to spells and items she only dreamt of before, and her influence in the world is much greater than it was before. She was ordered by Baalshezidek to join Nyeru Darkspring in causing the so-called "Giant Troubles" in the lands of Geoff and Sterich as a cover for retrieving the legendary Trumpet of Doom. She and her fellow lords were successful in doing so, and used it to great effect. However, her success was short lived: during a raid upon Gorna, the Scourge of the Underdark attacked the former palace of Duke Owen, where she and her allies were staying. During a battle in which the Scourge finally avenged themselves for all the casualties they had taken, Pantryche was disintegrated by the monk, Brother Griften.

However, being a demon from the Abyss, Pantryche was not truly destroyed. It is only a matter of time before she is again summoned to the Prime Material Plane, and when she is, it is certain that she will wish to revenge herself upon those who defeated her.

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