Peadar Vyachan (NPC)... (Admin Update Peadar)


8th half-elf Fighter
(Str 15, Dex 16)
AC 3 (scale mail +1)
HPS: 54, AL LN(g)

Peadar is the epitome of the career military officer, an experienced, resolute fellow with a cautious streak. This caution is what has kept him at a captain's rank despite his 40 years of service, but Peadar doesn't care. The army is his life, and he lives to train his men in the fine tradition of Geoff's famous bowmen.

Traits: A loyal and useful ally once persuaded, Peadar can also be a very persistent opponent. Though cautious, he is brave and resolute in the performance of his duty. Originally from Balantree to the north, he was serving in Llandrian at the outbreak of the war. Peadar's decision to abandon the walls when the town was lost and use his men to cover the refugees' retreat made some sense, but he still feels the shame of abandoning his post. if given a task now, will hold fast to the end. Warning: this will occur even in situations where the tactic would be counter-productive, unless given a direct order.

Magic: In addition to his armor, Peadar possesses a +2 Shortsword, 10 arrows +1, and Boots of Speed. Aftermath: Commander Sir Peadar Vyachan survived the March of the Thousand, and once again commands his bowmen in the service of his exiled King. The shame of his earlier defeat has been washed away by the glow of their subsequent victory.

Features & Habits

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Short & Long Term Goals

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