Rhianna (NPC)... (Admin Update Rhianna)

Princess of Geoff

First Met

The Court of Geoff


6th human Bard

Str 11, Int 15, Wis 15, Con 13, Dex 15, Cha 16.

AC 7 (Protection Ring +2)

HPS: 24 AL CG. Born 565 CY.

Rhianna is Owen's daughter, and a princess of the realm who has led something of a sheltered life in the palace. Restless and resentful of what she sees as her father's over-protectiveness, the princess has always been eager to see more of the world. She found a substitute in the tales of the bards that visited the palace, and managed to acquire a fair bit of musical skill from her tutors. As she became a young woman it became clear that the princess was also becoming a skilled bard, and so more formal training was undertaken. She was magically evacuated from Gorna when the lands fell and all was lost.

Traits: Red hair and deep green eyes are traditionally considered a mixed omen among the Geoffites, heralding a mischievous, willful child with a sharp tongue. Rhianna did not disappoint. She grew up playing pranks in the palace and using her natural charm to get out of trouble when she could, and has not completely outgrown these tendencies. Though independent and willful, she is also good hearted, romantic, and somewhat naive. Magic fascinates her, especially alteration, illusion, and conjuration magics.

Princess Rhianna is not what most people would call classically beautiful; in truth, her features are somewhat plain. Yet she is a young lady of unquestionable charisma, and when up to mischief or emotionally animated these traits shine through in her features. Then, too, bards have always referred to her as "the fair princess Rhianna," and this assessment has spread so that most people now tend to refer to her this way.

Magic: As a member of the Royal Household, Rhianna possesses several useful magic items. Aside from her ring, she also carries a Bag of Tricks, a Potion of Healing, and a Shortsword +1, +3 vs. evil opponents. Sir Pierce Lyrimar has presented her with a Cloak of elvenkind recovered from the Oytwood, a gift she appreciated greatly. Her most precious item, however, is an old instrument known as Azler's Harp. When struck, the tomes of this harp soothe rage of all sorts and drive away fear, hopelessness, and despair of natural or magical origin within one round of being heard. In addition, all charms and mental controls of any sort are held in abeyance while the instrument is played, and no new charms or suggestions can be laid upon those listening. Normal maximum range is about 80 feet, or more if played under more favourable circumstances like quiet places, certain caverns, etc. The strings glow with faint blue light while they are being played. Aftermath: The aftermath of the Wars has been beneficial for the princess in some ways, giving her greater freedom of action and removing some of her naivete. She has spent a great deal of time since the Wars among the exiles in the Gran March and Keoland, visiting and offering comfort where she can (see "Marble Halls" as an example). Her magical harp has served her extremely well in this regard, and postings to her personal guard have become coveted honours for many brave and skilled warriors.

Rhianna has become much loved by her people, and much sought-after by suitors. She is shrewd enough to use this to advantage, showing friendliness to all and encouraging them to heroic deeds. As yet, however, she has shown no preference for any one of them. Certainly, the one who does eventually win her heart will have his hands full. Charming and intelligent, the princess is a natural leader possessed of a force of personality that can melt ice...or deliver a blast white dragons might envy.

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