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Riyan has a lithe yet muscular frame, and his hair is usually worn in a
ponytail. His eyes leave most people uncomfortable under his close


Eviscerated by the Drow priestess while his friends watched and bumbled around helplessly


In fact, Riyan is extremely kind and trusting with most people. He is very
quiet and typically only voices his opinion when he feels those posed by
others are so ludicrous that he must intervene. The presence of large
crowds and the noisy cities make Riyan uncomfortable, unfortunately his
"profession" requires that he spend time in these undesirable places. Riyan
is most comfortable in the forest where his knowledge and survivability are
surpassed by few.

Features & Habits

A strange sigil adorns Riyan's left chest, and the same tattoo also appears
on the right side of Larian's chest as well.

Friends & Allies

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Short & Long Term Goals

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