The Rockseer Elves (NPC)... (Admin Update Rockseer)

First Met

The heroes discovered a small pocket of Rockseer Elves hidden deep in the Underdark as they investigated the mysterious disappearances.


Members of the Rockseer Elves include:

  • Aljayera
  • Darafeyen

    The most enigmatic of the underdark races are the Rockseer elves. Tall and very slender, the Rockseers are a splinter clan of elves which believes itself to have fled from the surface world in fear when Corellon defeated Lolth in the great battle of elven legend. They are extremely seclusive, knowing nothing of other elves save for the Drow. The Rockseers acted as an indispensable resource for The Scourge as they investigated the mysterious happenings of the Underdark; the Rockseer Elves showed the heroes secret ways and magical flux points which no other race had discovered, allowing the PCs to bypass certain obstacles and effectively vanish when they engaged in hit-and-run strikes on Great Shaboath.
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