I Must Return…

Legion (Joe):

Legion, after regaining consciousness after the expulsion from The Stone Thief had said nothing for almost 2 hours. He had made his way to the lighthouse; certain there was more to this structure than we were able to determine before the disaster, but he was clearly labouring. He leaned more heavily on his staff and Puki hadn’t made a mistake earlier in noticing that Legion had actually coughed; he did it again in the distance but tried unsuccessfully to muffle the sound in the sleeve of his robe.
What was going on with him?

Returning to the group, Legion straightened his back and looked at Yarrell; his black eyes focused on this selfless hero. “Thank you for your help earlier, Yarrell; you acted bravely and it is clear your song carries more than words.”

Legion‘s voice was still unsettling; hollow and otherworldly… but… it was different now…
He continued, “Horizon, as I understand it, is reputed to be home to The Archmage… I should very much like to meet them.”
Legion let the words hang in the air while his thoughts continued: … and perhaps they will be of more assistance; the Stone Thief will not escape with my prize…

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