In a Mirror, Darkly

  • The heroes continue with the caravan towards Waterdeep, but mystery unfolds from within the caravan, and Foluwa and Luther find the source of some of the confusion.
  • found a guy buried in road ‘oathbreaker’ buried to head
    Foluwa heals
  • he has a tattoo of the harpers on his arm and said he was following another caravan of cultists north but they found out, accused him of gnome and human (shaved head, tattooed) joined in Daggerford
    female gnome (together hmmm)
  • gnome sidles up near human
  • human auto hanging out with cultists
  • gnome also shows interest in us, speaking to us casually, innocuous and is very perceptive
  • Foluwa recognizes tattoos indicative of of Thay
  • gnome approaches one morning and grabs oatmeal and pulls out a tiny bead, curled in a circle so you can swallow and then it kills you
  • she then says lets talk this evening
  • that evening, we meet her again and she says, the dragon cult must be stopped, we don’t work for the same people
  • she asks us what’s in the caravan and where they’re going
  • Foluwa asks if she works with the Zen’tarim, and she’s surprised he says it out loud
  • she tells us the human IS a red wizard of Thay
  • we tell her it’s treasure & loot
  • she wants to stay with the caravan
  • 2 days pass
  • camp awakens to a killing
  • one of the cultists acting as a wagon guard was stabbed in the back with a shortsword
  • whisper immediately tells part it wasn’t her
  • cultists immediately accuse whisper, “Murdering Bitch!”
  • foluwa says it’s so overt that it’s not Whisper
  • cultists let her investigate and she and foluwa determine there are a lot of footprints around, but the ground was swept in the night to cover up tracks
  • foluwa makes comment about ‘if they didn’t want to get caught they could always poison their breakfast’…
  • didn’t fight because Greg & Dave weren’t there )
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