In My Heart

As the mist rose, the monk thought to himself, “too soon, not yet”.

Seeing the suffering in Barovia, and learning that in defeating Strahd would only start the cycle over, did not sit well with Milo. To think that others would be sent to this place to suffer for another man’s selfishness was unjust.

Milo knew his companions wanted to go home and realized that this was not the case for himself if the cycle was not broken.

While helping the Mhardaveth put on his armor after defeating the third wight, and ogling the old paladin’s musculature, the monk slips into his armor a letter.

During their last breather within the castle on his watch, Milo decided to put the desk to good use and write a letter to his companions while they slept.

Dear friends,

I cannot go home knowing that others will suffer. Thank you for inviting me into your company and for your kindness. You have all taught me so much. You will always be in my heart. I will never forget you. Say hello to Brock.

Milo Tokeson

As the monk slips away to avoid the engulfing mists, he whispers, “good bye my friends”.

Author: Jonas