In Pursuit of More Answers

“The dream is clear: The Secret Masters have chosen me. Me! They know that the Blasphemers call this place refuge, this place where they first wallowed in their hubris…it is my honour to sacrifice them to the Devourer! I will slit their throats and gather the blood in bowls to use to call the god to eradicate this forsaken place. Let the enemies of our people tremble! Let them fear the rumblings beneath the earth! The time of the re-making of the world is at hand!!

Everburning coal from the Underworld. Idris sighed. He had a pretty good idea where to find that, at least generally. He knew of a group of demonic weaponsmiths who would forge terrible weapons for demons and devils to use in battle…and they were rumoured to be operating somewhere accessible through Gorogan’s Maw.
Gorogan’s Maw is more of a mountain than a demon in the 13th Age. The story is that Gorogan was a massive demon that was ripping his way up through the Abyss and almost got out into the world. Though the exact means are something of legend, he was petrified before his wrath could be unleashed. Demons still come out of his cavernous mouth now and again and if the rumors are to be believed, the Diabolist makes frequent visits. Whether she’s amused or sad, well, that’s up for debate. Why don’t you ask her?
Author: Turnerbuds