In Search of Orontor

  1. The heroes turn their attention to the Barracks
  2. Morpheus rolls 20 to unlock the barred doors from outside
  3. Odus introduces the party, asking to speak with Ulvrain, announcing our interesting in finding Orontor
  4. The dark elves within surprised, come to introduce themselves
  5. Odus advises Zaknoril that we found Ingarl and saved his party of drow from undead assailants
  6. There was a slave revolt which Zaknoril was to put down, but the undead rushed at that time, attacking from everywhere
  7. The temple was overrun, they were hiding in the barracks, the drow losses have been significant
  8. Zaknoril tells the party that Orontor is in the embassy, thinking that it has not yet been taken over.
  9. Zaknoril directs the party to the embassy via a route that will take them away from most of the undead, but past the slaves
  10. Gort apparently a pit-fighter that the drow use for entertainment, he’s a troll
  11. Ulvrain is a high priestess of Lolth, with a cadre of ultra-loyal drow that follow her.
  12. Zaknoril offers to the heroes that they use the Barracks as a secure location, in exchange for speaking well of him to Ulvrain. He offers also a map to navigate more easily through the city.
  13. Zaknoril warns of Ulvrain’s henchman; the assassin Maarth who is very deadly,
  14. Jhaelant is a necromancer, who Zaknoril suggests may be involved in the undead overruning Phaervorul
  15. The heroes navigate around the slave quarters, noticing that goblins stand guard but are oblivious to their passing.
  16. As the heroes travel along the water, they are set upon by horrid spider-like creatures… the stuff of nightmares.
  17. Dispensing with them in short order, the heroes shudder at the thought of what other abominations lay in wait in this accursed outpost.
  18. The heroes arrive at a building of white stone. Commerce is obvious; a trading post of sorts.
  19. From beyond the door, Legion and Morpheus can hear loud noises, and the door has been clearly damage.
  20. Bursting into the room, the heroes discover a brutal scene; horrifying undead drow wander almost mindless through the room, and a tall Battlewight Commander is visible from an elevated platform above.
  21. The heroes dispatch them with relative ease, and in surveying the scene, Legion is able to determine that the beings have been raised via necromantic means.
  22. The heroes turn their attention to a sealed door on the upper level, but even after calling out, there remains no answer…

Legion (Joe):

Legion stood up from inspecting one of the drow undead corpses, moving slowly, like his mind was elsewhere.

Turning to Morpheus, he spoke, “These corpses were not raised with ritual or arcane process. On our world, this is unheard of.”

Then, turning to the rest of the group, “We believe that this level of power could come only from Orcus, or his Exarch. There are sinister powers at work in order for this to happen. Possibly more powerful than anything I’ve ever encountered. If this is the work of the necromancer Jhaelant, he is indeed powerful, or his power is being drawn from an item or source of great evil.”

A long pause settles over the room, and Legion again glances around him at the undead corpses. “… and the ability to raise so many dead… so quickly… this phenomenon, going unchecked… could soon be unstoppable…”

Moving to the stairs, Legion mumbles more to himself than to the group, “… we must meet this Jhaelant…”

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