In Search of the Prisoners

In a land where practically all evil organizations and bands of wrong-doers had been quashed for decades, the slightest mention of evil intent and innocents being oppressed traveled like wildfire to the ears of the Knights. So it took less than two days for the first report of human trafficking to catch the attention of General Six and her lieutenants.

Practically no better reason to be suffering this headache. Kaelis thought to himself, leaning heavily on the HQ display table as the General ran them through the particulars.

The heroes were dispatched within the hour. Since R&D was constantly working on upgrading the equipment and resources the Knights used, the heroes were able to triangulate the apparent location of the reports received to within a small series of caves long thought to be empty and unused.

Approaching the cavern opening, the heroes discovered it to be a crypt long forgotten, and so it was with tentative steps that they descended into the darkness. Two huge crypts paired on either side of the staircase lay cracked and open; clear sign that they had been looted, but this only heightened the heroes’ apprehension; what kind of traffickers would choose such a place to keep people hostage?!

As they stepped into the darkness, the heroes realized too late they were already set upon. From the darkness, they were attacked by more of the same drown they had encountered in the abandoned mine just the week before. But it was not the dark elves that surprised the heroes, it was a lanky, oddly-shaped mechanical beast that attacked, not with claws but with blades of metal and beams of burning light!

Too many enemies, too little light! thought Arndithas, and with a wave of his outstretched hand, he caused the entire crypt to be bathed in light; blinding the drow and lifting the heroes’ waning spirits.

Author: Turnerbuds

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