In the Court of the Elf Queen

One Unique Things: (… and backgrounds!)

  • Fastion (Roberto):
    • OUT: When put on Fastion, the mask exploded and took his eye – now a broken mirror of the shards of the magical mask to see what your future is
    • BG: He’s part of an unaffiliated group (The Order of the Black Shields) that goes around protecting the realm.  The earth fate weavers place a mask on your head to see if you would be taken… that your fate is to be with this society.
  • Ehlanna (Dave L.):
    • on the day of her birth, there was a magical surge that swept through her village, and at the same time, her mother was giving birth to her – born human but not gnomish parents
    • BG: Seen as a curse and cast out – the archmage’s minions found her and brought her to study in the city.  Now grown into an arcane savant – very adept at learning magic – it just flows through her and spending much of her time in magical research, trying to figure out the history of the realm, Ehlanna has since learned that the day she was born may coincide exactly with when The Archmage’s wards first started failing
  • Waurren
    • OUT: all the monks that lived in the monastery that Waurren spent so much time in were given an artifact (usually a bracelet) within which held a scale of the GGW to show their dedication to the GGW cause.  Waurren has removed the scale and replaced it with the scale of the first demon he killed, a sign of his commitment to the cause of The Crusader
    • BG: background: originally served an order of monks dedicated to the GGW up in the mountains but has since become disillusioned with the cause of the ggw and has heard rumours that the GGW’s passive protection from evil isn’t sufficient and that The Crusader is more capable and has now joined his ranks
  • Othorion (Eric):
    • OUT: Used to be married to a demon (still a secret to everyone).  He didn’t know it, he was a standard elven knight in the eternal court, but he discovered, one day he discovered his wife in her true form.  Confronting her, thinking it was illusion magic and someone was trying to control him, he learned it was a whispering demon, and after a huge fight, he killed her.
    • BG: Since then he’s realized that if demons can be that persuasive, then the only one who can get them under control is The Crusader.  While being fiercely loyal to the Elf Queen, he also took up with The Crusader.  The only snag in the plan is that The Crusader doesn’t just attack demon strongholds and hellholes, he controls them.  Othorion‘s problem is that The Elf Queen is thousands of years old, and her decisions are borne of wisdom, but The Crusader is human and can’t live forever, what’s going to happen to the demons he’s controlling?
  • Haladavar (Joe)
    • OUT: Having been taken captive and taken prisoner by the dark elves is the only non-drow ever to have been indoctrinated into the secret drow cabal of The Nightfold
    • BG: an emissary from the woodland realm – after being rescued from his captivity, he grew up and joined the Wildweavers (ranger organization weave magic/steel/bows) – very charismatic, personable badass
  • Maximus (Fab):
    • OUT:
    • BG: started fighting with the Emperor’s armies – became disillusioned with the purpose of the emperor and how they were leveraging the army and how they were doing their missions – kicked out of the military – had to survive in the wilderness – still wants to make right in the world, but doing so now on his own terms

Othorion and Waurren know each other.  They both know Fastion from a previous mission.

The adventurers are summoned by agents of the Elf Queen to serve as outriders, troubleshooters, and scouts as her armies march to the aid of the Dwarf King.

On their way to the Elf Queen’s court, the newly-formed party is set upon by brigands:

Bardic Thunder


In the Court of the Elf Queen

The adventurers have been summoned, along with mercenaries and the more martial members of the Elf Queens court, to compete for the honor of being the first to battle against the minions of General Gul. The adventurers are not summoned to the heart of the court itself, but instead to a settlement named Summervale near the western edge of the Queen’s Wood. Summervale is unlike other towns and cities of the Dragon Empire such as treetop houses, giant hollow trees, and winding underground homes between the roots.

  1. introduce their characters as they would be announced in a courtly setting, and
  2. describe how they came to the attention of the Elf Queen and her agents for this particular task.
  • Fastion: You already know me through the order of The Black Shields where we have worked together in the past.  I am known as Fastion, and will be representing the order to help you in this battle to come.

Yes, you will.  We have heard of you.

  • Othorion stands up and looks at the assembled crowd and says, “I am Othorion Tyvollus, dark knight for her eternal majesty the elf queen and like any elf, I am here to follow her majesty’s will and it is her will that this General Gul be destroyed.  It is my privilege to do so. If I may present my brother-in-arms, the human aesthetic Waurren (gestures for him to stand)
  • Waurren stands and bows as a sign of respect.  My name is Waurren, and I am an agent of the Crusader who has helped the Elf Queen on many occasions stopping the demons from breaking the balance of this plane.  I am along with Othorion helped served the Elf Queen as a show of good faith, and I’ve dealt with many hellholes in the past, giving me the experience required to deal with this General.

Yes, I would hope so.

  • I am Ehlanna, I am a ward of The Archmage and he sent me to help this group with their lack of arcane ability.

Interesting…. well, you are quite welcome.

  • Brath stands and there is subtle recognition from the assemblage – they recognize one of their own.  Standing tall, Haladavar begins, “I look out over this magnificent vista; I see many familiar faces staring back at me. I am honoured and humbled today to stand before you… to offer again my service and my life to defend our lands and honour our queen. As lieutenant with my brothers in the Wildweaver guard, I have protected our borders for many years. As emissary for her majesty I have ventured far beyond these borders and now I answer the call to represent this court and meet this new challenge.”  Making a grand bow, the audience’s approval can already be heard

We are honoured to have you here, brother.

Mingling with the Nobles

Name and Describe NPCs

When all the players have introduced their characters as they would be announced before the court, each player in turn is to name and describe one of the NPCs that were also invited to appear here. Then the next player must describe what their adventurer and that NPC talked about or argued about, and if that NPC was antagonistic. Each player must create an NPC and tell how their character interacted with another NPC.

  • Maximus (Fab):
    • Thorbrayer – Spotted one interesting figure of note, with this background in the armies, battle-hardy warrior – great armor, full shield, long, flowing hair, stands-out a little bit here because he’s holding a greataxe in his hand
    • Fastion‘s Interaction – with drinks, he’ll go up and talk to him, asks him about the land they’ll be going into to attack the general to get some information on what to expect in the battles to come.  A dialogue on the upcoming battles.
  • Fastion (Roberto):
    • Alurion – A high elf knight mingling with his attendants… they have a smugness to them
    • Othorion‘s interaction – approached Alurion and pours him some elven nectar in a crystal goblet and hands it to him.  Also a bit smug, Othorion tries to engage in pointed banter with him about which set of elves make better knights for The Elf Queen.  Alurion talks about how his moon knights use magic and steel together, and Othorion smirks and counters that dark elves being more pragmatic and practical, while not so fancy, are better at getting the job done for The Elf Queen.  Philosophical discussion continues about the 3 types of elves and neither leave the conversation convinced of the others’ view
  • Othorion (Eric):
    • Taimoton – Another high elf, seems quite a bit older, his eyes milky white… blind. It is said to be that he was a seer of some kind, but at some point he ‘saw’ something and lost his sight as a result.  He has since never spoken of it.  He does recall every single thing he had a vision of before, and was invited here in case he had another vision of orcs, or of General Gul specifically.
    • Ehlanna‘s interaction – she sits quietly beside the older elf and starts discussing with him some of his visions past, her study allows her to match some of the things he describes with things she’s read, and helps her form a better understanding of the history
  • Ehlanna (Dave L.):
    • Gendry – Off in a corner by himself is a half-elf who seems to be keeping to himself, not looking as though he belongs with anyone – a warrior type and he’s juts eyeing mostly all the elves – he seems to ignore everybody that’s not an elf
    • Waurren‘s interaction – seeing that this half-elf is a warrior much like himself, he walks over and strikes up a conversation on their individual paths in life, what they’re fighting for.  Turns out that because half-elves are formally recognized in the Court of Stars, their connections to the Elf Queen are more informal, and the pride he has in his elven heritage is why his attention is on the other elves, and why he’s so committed to serving The Elf Queen’s wishes here, which Waurren can certainly sympathize with
  • Waurren (Max):
    • Larik – Another half-elf… perhaps have gnome?!  Not dressed as a warrior, but in fine clothing… certainly a diplomat of sorts.  The elves only recognize full-blood elves in their court, so this one certainly serves as a go-between the Court and those that would serve it.
    • Haladavar‘s Interaction – mingling with everyone in the court, jovial and welcoming in conversation, Haladavar noticed Larik not being engaged with anyone in conversation yet.  Bringing a goblet of elven wine over to the guest to make sure he had something to toast with, introduces himself to the half-elf-gnome.  “Correct me if I’m wrong, but we met once before, did we not?  That expedition to Horizon, Larik, is it?”  Larik goes on to talk about how he’s felt a little unwelcome – arriving days early. “Nonsense!  Had I arrived earlier, I would have gladly shown you the grounds of this place we work so hard to protect.”  Asks what his business is here now and what news he has of the lands of the gnomes, making him feel important and relevant.
  • Haladavar (Joe):
    • Lady Zava – Impossible not everyone has noticed – one of the most beautiful elves you’ve ever seen; she seems to float as she mingles through the crowd; everyone watches her but all try to be too polite to stare. Her laugh is music and her smile is more beautiful than the dawn. Refined and pristine, everyone feels comfortable around her and everyone wants to be near her. Daughter to Prince Onvyr, general of the Wildweavers and the ranking commander charged the western border patrol of the forest, she and Haladavar have been friends since childhood. Due to the longevity of elves, the talk of Zava and Haladavar‘s potential pairing lasted decades, but Haladavar‘s duties take him far from home and Zava has no shortage of suitors in the elven court, it’s not talked of anymore.  She’s talking to everyone but spends too much time with no one.
    • Maximus‘ Interaction – having spotted her almost immediately but deciding not to approach one of her beauty, she shares who her father is, jokingly says, “If you’re looking for a real man, you’ll know where to come.”  She laughs enchantingly, and shares his flirtatious wink.  “If ever you have a need of my service, you’ll know how to find me.”

Mingling with the Nobles

Golden horns are blown by heralds to announce an emissary of the Elf Queen to address the gathering. This emissary is named Baelgar Razorwind, a Wood Elf and prominent noble of the Elf Queens court. Baelgar tells the assembled throng that the Dwarf King has invoked ancient treaties and requested the assistance of the Elf Queen in fending off a full-blown invasion by orcs. While the elven forces are assembling, people with specialized talents and abilities are needed to join The Queen’s wayfinders in ranging ahead to prepare the way for the elven army.

Their first mission: the orcs have sent a band of scouts and raiders eastwards to delay the Elven forces by destroying supplies, burning down forests, and slaughtering villages. Whoever brings back their war banner will be presented with gifts and gold. Baelgar finishes by telling everybody that the hunt will begin at the suns first light the next morning and wishes them luck.

Othorion: “Waurren… I want that banner.”

Waurren: “So do I… let’s go get it.”

Tally Ho! – Background Skill Challenge

Before dawn, groups of people who have banded together to improve their chances at taking the orc war banner and thus winning the Elf Queen’s favour begin to break camp and prepare to head out into the western woods (and some slip away in the darkness of the night to get a head start). Baelgar waits until the golden light of dawn breaks above the treetops to announce the official start of the hunt, blowing a horn that causes the forest to echo with its clarion call. Each player is to describe what their character is doing to find the band of orcs with the banner and must make a skill roll with an appropriate background (DC 20).

Dice Use: Othorion uses a 6 with The Elf Queen:

… it is easy to spot the spoilers… come.

Finding the band of orcs, the heroes are not about to let the opportunity pass by:

Orc Shamans, Orc Battle Screamers, Pit-Spawn Orcs


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