In the Court of the Elf Queen

The adventurers are summoned by agents of the Elf Queen to serve as outriders, troubleshooters, and scouts as her armies march to the aid of the Dwarf King.

As I look out over this magnificent vista; I see many familiar faces staring back at me. I am honoured and humbled today to stand before you… to offer again my service and my life to defend our lands and honour our queen. As lieutenant with my brothers in the Wildweaver guard, I have protected our borders for many years. As emissary for her majesty I venture far beyond these borders and now wish to represent this court.

Lady Zava – One of the most beautiful elves you’ve ever seen; she seems to float as she mingles through the crowd; everyone watches her but all try to be too polite to stare. Her laugh is music and her smile is more beautiful than the dawn. Refined and pristine, everyone feels comfortable around her and everyone wants to be near her. Daughter to Prince Onvyr, general of the Wildweavers and the ranking commander charged the western border patrol of the forest, she and Haladavar have been friends since childhood. Due to the longevity of elves, the talk of Zava and Haladavar‘s potential pairing lasted decades, but Haladavar‘s duties take him far from home and Zava has no shortage of suitors in the elven court.

The expedition to Horizon to discuss

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