In the Meantime…

After the group parts ways, Tyrion heads off towards the smithy to speak with Thair Coalstriker about procuring a longbow.

Thair is a rough-and-tumble sort, knows he’s tougher than most people he meets, but also knows he’s older and not as tough as he used to be. He doesn’t usually get requests outside of Lord Padraig and seems tickled at the idea. He charges 30 gp for the bow, giving him a day to make it, but…” a rebate of one gp per kobold scalp that ya get from the use of the bow that I make ya!” He rather likes the idea of contributing somehow to the eradication of the kobold threat. Says he offered the same deal to Ninaran; got nothing but a cold stare as a response.

Then Tyrion heads over to the Warrior’s Guild in hopes of finding some sparring partners to practice his swordsmanship with and get in a good workout/training. In doing so, he tries to glean some information about how they feel regarding the situations around the village with the kobolds and if they’ve noticed dangers increasing. In asking about Ninaran: if they’ve had any dealing with her, if they know where she lives, etc.

The soldiers appreciate the chance to practice with “a real live adventurer,” though they try not to seem too impressed… in between clanging of swords, you get the sense of “this isn’t what I signed up for,” from many of them, though they obviously still acknowledge their duties. They seem to think the kobolds have become “unnaturally organized” and are better equipped than most; while that doesn’t stop them from defending the village, it certainly makes them think twice about bringing the fight to them. “Who knows what they’ve got in there?” is a prevailing sentiment. One tells a story about how a kobold witch doctor tried to “drain his life force,” and how that was enough to make him defend the wall and not a thing more. The militia doesn’t know much about Ninaran; they have seen her about town sometimes, but she never buys anything, not even arrows. They think she is either none-too-bright or just insensitive; she does not seem to understand the level of the kobold threat, usually ending any discussion about it with “They’re just -kobolds!-“, rolling her eyes and walking away…

Ninaran never does show up at the inn that evening. A check along the wall reveals no obvious kobold spies, though your presence is obviously appreciated by the 2 guards on duty.

After the workout, Tyrion heads back to his room to clean up. Then he heads back to Wrafton’s Inn for dinner and a few drinks but mostly to wait and see if Ninaran shows up. Trying to have a good time, trying and fit in a little bit with the locals and of course hit on the more attractive, single females!. If Ninaran shows up, Tyrion knows he won’t be able to avoid asking why she left the band of Rangers so suddenly. It still seems strange that a few days after she left they were ambushed and all but slaughtered (except for Tryion and the man he saved who ended up dying anyway due to the severity of his wounds). Tyrion also can’t help but ask if she’d like to help put together another guardian group to first of all track down those who attacked us and then protect this little area of the world.

She probably won’t show up anyway… Tyrion thinks to himself. I’ll have to spend my time at the Inn. Maybe before turning in for the night, I head to the walls to do a bit of scouting; see if I can spot any kobolds that are spying on the village. Not to engage them, just more or less looking out to see their activity increases at night or if they have an interest in the village… hmm…

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