Insight into the Prophecy


The heroes come back from The Gull Cliffs with crazy Azier and Tanamier can’t heal him. Griften goes to Temple to get Brother Raymond who is the foremost brotherhood authority on Tharizdun & the Far Realm. He tells heroes of “The Far Side” dimension, Dareth Winterwood. Gwydiesin tells them that Azier is a “mirror” to the Far realm and that they may be able to prevent or act against the prophecy by controlling the demons & devils that will be brought together to fight the heroes. tells of three major people in Flannaess that have this knowledge/magic: Ferranan, Rexefer (lich/consultant for some Cranden House prince), Patriarch Verminech (has residence IN the hells), and Graf Reydrech (w/General Reynard) who’s #1 because he has many of their True Names. Gwydiesin also offers insight into the goals of The Clones, that they are agents of the Scarlet Brotherhood bent on ensuring we fulfil the prophecy in spades

Link to – The Reckoning, Part II?

Author: Eric

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