Internal Audit & The Baron


– investigated the temple of hte GGW – Nidalru and Legion discerned that the skull was removed by agents familar with both shadow and portal magic
– Ursel told Iris she suspects Nidalru – Idris defended Legion & Nidalru
– Heroes choose to leave Merian to her investigations in Hildebrande
– travel to meet with ______ at the moathouse
– background montage:
– Puki admits he now shares the past visions of The stone Thief
0 Legion admits he feels the Lich King’s gaze has never left him
– Nidalru tells a story of having stolen a statue of significance
– Idris tells us that the 6 artifacts long lost to history are starting to be found again
– meet Job and daughter along the path
– Return to vampire and give him the news
– gives us a magic item each
– ambushed along the road returning to Hildebrande

Author: Turnerbuds