Internal Audit & The Baron


– investigated the temple of hte GGW – Nidalru and Legion discerned that the skull was removed by agents familar with both shadow and portal magic
Ursel told Iris she suspects NidalruIdris defended Legion & Nidalru
– Heroes choose to leave Merian to her investigations in Hildebrande
– travel to meet with ______ at the moathouse
– background montage:
Puki admits he now shares the past visions of The stone Thief
Legion admits he feels the Lich King’s gaze has never left him
Nidalru tells a story of having stolen a statue of significance
Idris tells us that the 6 artifacts long lost to history are starting to be found again
– meet Job and daughter along the path
– Return to vampire and give him the news
– gives us a magic item each
– ambushed along the road returning to Hildebrande

—- back in the Baron’s treasure room… —-
Legion traced his finger over the many items strewn carelessly over one of the many huge tables in the room; items of incredible monetary and magical value seemed everywhere. It looked like the items were tossed into the room from the door recklessly, as if the Baron thought nothing of them.

Is that what a truly ancient being thinks of such things? Legion thought to himself. He said he’s seen ages… two? More?

Swords, jewelry, bracers, a myriad of wondrous items, all lying without order or intent. Pairs of gloves, wands, bracers, even jerkins and a few sets of armor… is that… blood? Legion smirked slightly at the thought.

Legion thought how this room alone might fund an entire army… such were these items’ value.

But in the flickering torchlight from the walls, Legion‘s gaze caught a different light… was that… yes…

Behind a large vase easily as big as Kindra was, Legion saw a helm… ornate even from a distance, lying on its side, it’s crest facing the wall.

Surely Legion wasn’t seeing things… it had a glow to it… like… well… like Idris‘ sword… not power in the helm… but…. good?

Reaching out, Legion righted the heavy helm and turned it towards him. Coated in a fine layer of dust, the helm was unmistakably old. And old style, even. Like the proud helms worn by holy warriors Legion had known years before… many. years. before.

The helm was faintly carved with fine lines that made it look a little like… well… masonry, actually…

Touching it, Legion noted immediately the aura he could see… reacted… did it shrink from his touch? Again… yes… certainly magical. Extradimensional, even.

Legion‘s thoughts immediately went to Merian; back in Hildebrande, risking her life investigating alone.

What do good people do? Legion thought. Do they think of others for no reason? Do they give when nothing is asked for?

Legion knew he was alive only because of his companions in this strange place; how many times had Merian shielded him from his assailants? Soon perhaps as many as Puki‘s holy magic he thought sarcastically.

The helm stared back at Legion from it’s shelf, the strange aura still glimmering from it that perhaps only Legion could see.

Grabbing the master-crafted helm with both hands, Legion placed it in his pack, glad the trip back to Hildebrande would not be a long one.

This is right; this is fate. he told himself.

Author: Turnerbuds